"It's Over" (Roy Orbison cover) posted on Spotify; "California Son" sleeve revealed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2019.

By Anonymous on Feb 25, 2019 at 2:32 PM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Region restricted currently, the "California Son" sleeve is revealed in the song link.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      Hooky hit the end and continues to twat along.:lbf:

      ignore the name dropping sock puppet.:mask:
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    2. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      On a few occasions recently, I've offered some homemade sleeves/artwork where there wasn't any ("Blue Dreamer's..." etc.), but here I feel compelled - nay, obligated - to offer the cover-art critics (of which I am one) something better than what can only be described as Sam Esty Rayner's Barry Scott nightmare. The image of a battered matador is a scanned from an old National Geographic; unknown photographer.

      California Son.jpg
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    3. Amy
      His singing is terrific. I would love to hear him sing this - the 1987 version of "In Dreams":

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    4. Vegan
      Big Orby fan here and this excellent
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    5. Anonymous
      I know it is.

      (Think we all do.)
    6. Eldritch
      For comparison's sake here's BEF featuring Billy Mackenzie's take on the song. If only the Moz version had similar instrumentation.

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    7. Anonymous
      Terrible! Why use a matador? I'd understand if it was a photograph of a dead matador, but then that'll just be seen as deifying him/them. Nope. You need something totally original.
    8. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      Because the matador is bruised and without the macho stature you usually see; he's slumped and has soulful eyes. It feel like an oxymoronic image to me; something delicate in the wrong skin. And that idea of something unusual or juxtaposing seemed fitting for a left-of-field covers record. I did think it through haha.
    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      NME's view of the record sleeve sounds like the NME of old:

      "And, of course, Morrissey has unveiled the track list for his covers album ‘California Son’, out in May. His previous album, 2017’s ‘Low In High School, proved he’s forgotten how to write songs, so in theory this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. And then you see the artwork. It’s like the sky grew dark and the baby from Teletubbies grew up to support UKIP. And then you listen to the first track he’s released! The Mozzer version of Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over’ sounds like the closing number of an eight-hour musical about Theresa May’s political career, starring Nigel Farage as the back-end of a pantomime horse. Playing in Ramsgate this summer, probably.
      ‘California Son’ resembles the work of someone who’s even tired of their own controversy, but still craves spotlight, so has turned to other people’s words instead. But even this has proved controversial, because people on the internet are annoyed that the likes of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear appear on the album. To be honest, the entire project looks like something that’s been discovered on an old hard-drive and dusted off in the wake of a tax bill, in which case the only real winner here would be the Inland Revenue. But if Billie Joe Armstrong and Ed Droste want to endorse Morrissey, that’s their prerogative. I’ll be listening to The Queen Is Dead, oblivious to the whole sorry affair."

      As seen in their article:
      The Week’s Winners And Losers: Spike Lee, pop porn, a noble steed and Morrissey’s dubious covers album


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    10. Peppermint
      Ouch. And like you say, how very retro. Although I must confess, I did laugh at 'It’s like the sky grew dark and the baby from Teletubbies grew up to support UKIP.'
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    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      Any 'writer' in this day and age who deploys the phrase ~ "because people on the internet are annoyed" ~ should go back to shovelling shit for a career.

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    12. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      all those NME twats troll here. FFS
      dont you recognize them?o_O

      'pantomime horse' WTF?? who writes that type of stupidity?:censored:

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