"It's Over" (Roy Orbison cover) posted on Spotify; "California Son" sleeve revealed

Region restricted currently, the "California Son" sleeve is revealed in the song link.

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Personally I like the cover, and it works (ie, grabs your attention) on streaming platforms because of its brightness and boldness. Which, you know, is what a cover should do... attract attention.
The video of the audio (on the official Morrissey YT - not the region locked one) has received 4k views in the 3 hours since it was posted - for those who like this type of info.
The sleeve is surely a nod to the era of the songs covered. The typography certainly is, and the titles on the cheek are becoming a motif of his new material. The panoramic stereo logo is a lovely touch

He's in very fine voice, but still: this is just Morrissey covering an old song without any proper inspiration or attempting to do anything new with it. It's basically just karaoke. A very beautiful karaoke number, but yawn.
The YouTube Details are interesting, no Mando and no Gustavo!

Engineer: Bill Mims
Electric Guitar: Boz Boorer
Masterer: Chris Allgood
Engineer: Emily Lazar
Acoustic Guitar: Jesse Tobias
Electric Guitar: Jesse Tobias
Engineer: Joe Chiccarelli
Backing Vocals: LP
Drums, Percussion: Matt Walker
Keyboards: Roger Manning Jr.
Engineer: Ryan Freeland
Bass Guitar: Sean Hurley
Vocals: Steven Morrissey
Composer: Bill Dees
Composer: Roy Orbison
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Reckon me wish the photo of the Morrissey family on their Buick in front of The California Son's childhood home in Pasadena would of been the cover, but then all the wackos from all over the world would come to Moz Angeles again and try to look for The California Son landmarks like they did when he showed his old house in West Hollywood from "The Importance of being Morrissey" when they would sleep in the trashcans at the bottom if the driveway.

Morrissey USA.jpg
No. ...because few have revealed themselves to be hack f***ing shells of their former selves, with the zeal and fervour of Moorissey.

“Fake it till you make it” doesn’t work for folks who set it up hard and rode it for a decade before descending into clownish buggery.

...and how THE f*** is an old, dedicated fan supposed to react to this? Nobody here even knows who Pat Boone is, so the comparison is moot.

It’s fine for the lot who have ZERO concept of who Roy Orbison was or what his oeuvre means to the development of modern music. ...but PLEASE f***ing stop talking like you have a clue.

Your music collection dated back to 2010 until your wise auntie told you about the Smiths. You haven’t listened to a 1908 Smithsonian field recording, delta blues, the rise of jazz, the progress toward what we have on offering today. ...but you’re good with your wee hole and happy to spout shit.

That says everything about YOU. ...and NOTHING about those who’ve invested heart, mind and soul into doing their musical homework.

It’s YOU, Moorissey, Pat Boone, Puff Daddy and Sting. Stay in your f***ing lane.
Aaah you put such passion into your negativity. I suppose it has to go somewhere.
He's in very fine voice, but still: this is just Morrissey covering an old song without any proper inspiration or attempting to do anything new with it. It's basically just karaoke. A very beautiful karaoke number, but yawn.

His voice sounds great! I wonder if he will be able to recreate it live?
Comments Roy Orbison’s son, Roy Jnr:
“We love Morrissey! Morrissey’s hair, and melancholy and poetic lyrics always reminded me of my Dad. His version of “
It’s Over” is great.”

What a compliment.

It is a fab rendition with his "own distinct style of grandeur" according to Rolling Stone, for anyone who cares what other people think.
A lovely endorsement by Roy Orbison Jnr all the same
Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
This cannot be the final version of the cover art.
I like the album cover though.
Well, we've seen:

So anything's possible.
I'd suspect it is going to be used though.
The '45' in the corner is poor - perhaps it will get a tidy up before pressing.
Moz's voice sounds great.

The original is a classic so hard to go wrong.

The production sounds mediocre.

The cover art is awful.

Come on, Moz - wtf?
Yep his voice is excellent, the high notes superb. The backing band sound like zombies that were dug up for the night. So bored by their playing that their own jaws fell off from yawning. Moz needs to escape now before the sun finally sets.
Feck it, I might be needlessly negative. Great to hear Moz singing so well.
I assumed that the graphics were kind of a play on the old Sun Records logo. California Son/Sun geddit?

I could be wrong though.


You can’t do It’s Over without the iconic final note. It’s the best thing about Roy Orbison’s version - a completely iconic moment of performance.

I was really impressed with Moz’s version until the end - completely ruins it by going down where he should have been soaring. It’s a pretty straight cover, so that’s a really weird decision to make.
I dunno. The end doesn't bother me. He hits the high notes throughout and changed the ending a little. I'm glad it's not a carbon copy. The woman's voice adds to it too, but I think there was room for some nice gentle guitar work on that song instead of the band playing it safe. They sound old fashioned somehow, but Moz is ace on it.
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