"It's Over" 7" vinyl appears on Italian record sites with Dec. 13, 2019 release date, updated sleeve

New crop / moved lettering artwork via an Italian record site:


(Apologies - only a small image currently)

The original image on Morrissey Central (Oct. 12, 2019):


Update (Nov. 14):

Although this release isn't on the indie store Warners release sheets for the 6th, 13th or 20th of December - it is showing on the Warner's sales portal with a release date of December 13th.
The Warner's product number is: "4050538559873".
If searched for, this code gets 2 hits for Italian record shops:



Both with changed artwork and cite a December 13th release date too.

I'm sure there will be more details to follow and as there isn't 100% certainty (which I prefer when it comes to people spending their money), please appreciate this information could change.
That said, this the most tangible news about the single to surface.

Update (Nov. 16):

The single has been removed from the .UK Amazon store, but remains on .DE/FR/IT


UPDATE Dec. 4:

Posted by Famous when dead (original post):

The plot thickens - 2 sites now saying:
"OUT ON 10 JANUARY 2020"
"Release Date: 01/10/2020"


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Whoooopppiee a Christmas number one for sure.... VIVA THE MORRISSEY
The Italian cop who Morrissey claims held him at gunpoint should buy and sign a copy and stick it on Ebay.

Nah, only Morrissey can sign someone else’s record and people will buy it. Never been done before. Genius really.

Yes. Keep releasing singles from a failed album, six months after it’s debut. THAT’S how you scrape your way back to the top-5, in Poland!
Sorry Lanterns. Some people like the big O, I find him terribly disengaging. Each to our own, I suppose. Your baby doesn't love you anymore.
his songs are to some folks what marx wouldve described as opium for the people. thats why blue velvet wouldve never been possible without his music. there is sth inside me which can respond to his songs intensively and for awhile, and nothing else could get such a reaction in the same way.
Do you think it would be alright if we stayed away and never went back? I can deal with reality. God knows, I've had to. It's loneliness with me, Lanterns. I can't remember a time when I didn't feel alone. If I could be born again, I'd be one of those people who got on with everybody. I sometimes feel loneliness is something I've bought upon myself. The more you try to explain it, the more people feel its a ruse. I know how I feel. If one thing could define me it would be loneliness. I'm 50 years old and I'm still struggling with loneliness.
i'm strugglin with an approachin cold at the moment, but generally keepin a clear head on one's shoulders most of the time seems, in my eyes, the more rewarding way in the long run. i know that men can suffer from loneliness pretty hard throughout their lives. sorry to hear that, dale. so, i guess the big o reminds me of the one soul that i lost to loneliness long ago. we could both listen to or watch the big o and have a giggle together.
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