It's not about Sweden


You're a funny man and something tells me we will meet one day and have a good time.

Keep up the good work. Hang on for my pics and a video from Sweden and Västerås today as me and P visited Musikhjälpen so check out the what are you listening thread.

Gonna upload pics and a video now plus the performances from Youtube.
Engla Ejdehage is Lucia of Gränna 2019 and will be the center of attention in just over an hour during the live broadcast of this years Lucia celebrations with Gränna chosen to represent it this year.

Lucia used to be live but no longer it seems as this picture of Engla shows.


Most likely recorded earlier this week.
Gränna is the origin of candy cane!

Everything you thought is american is swedish. I doubt americans invented burgers. How could they when there are no americans just immigrants from the rest of the world unless native indians invented burgers cause that would make them truly american.
It's that time of year!


"God's love is harsh and strong my son"
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