Italian police ready to sue and ask for compensation - reports

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    It's official: the Italian police will sue Moz

    La Polizia denuncia Morrissey per diffamazione: “Sono psicopatici armati” -

    Morrissey diffama la Polizia italiana, Consap: «pronti a denunciarlo e a chiedergli un risarcimento» - OP Osservatore Politico

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey defames the Italian Police, Consap "ready to sue and ask for compensation"
    By Pier Paolo Palozzi

    The British singer was stopped by police for a check, in central Rome. Subsequently, on their social profile, he defined the agents of "armed psychopaths." The Police Union: "we do not care about the 'logic she does not know who I am', for us all citizens are equal, including the singers'

    ROME - A lawsuit and a thank you, these are the reactions of Consap, more representative union of the State Police to heavy externalization of the English singer Morrissey.

    "By the term 'armed psychopaths' that the singer has posted on his company profile - explains the national secretary of Consap Stefano Spagnoli - has been given a mandate to our legal department to assess the details of defamation, while about the possibility that the singer gates all Italian dates we can only thank him for freeing resources for the safety of Italian citizens. "

    The Conferazione Statutory Autonomous Police rejects the sender, "the logic of" you do not know who I am "and the bad example of respect for the rule of law provided by singer .- continues the Trade Union Confederation of Autonomous Police - hoping that the promoters of these events musical know better assess the artists to gratify the presence and with the massive crowds, excluding those who clearly and despite the emergence of international security think they are above the law and police checks. "

    UPDATE July 12:

    Additional quotes from the police union in a link posted by an anonymous person:

    Il Siulp (sindacato dei poliziotti) denuncia Morrissey per oltraggio - Askanews
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    1. Anonymous
      Yeah, I know who you are. You're just another fool who's too stupid and jealous to get it. Morrissey is a hero because he speaks out against corruption, abuse, molestation, exploitation, and murder. You don't like it because he's right and it hurts your ego.


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    2. Anonymous
      If Morrissey does end up with a libel case going against him, they'll get the money in the end because, if all else fails, they'll be able to tap his European royalties at source.
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    3. Anonymous
      they will snatch the proceeds from any Italian concert/royalties. so unless he settles/apologizes to the Italian peace officer, no more Italian dates. we know moz hates apologies.
    4. Anonymous
      Sorry if I was unclear. A lot of my posts have been made from a car the last couple of days and I've been distracted and tired from moving. I think the law against filming police and the posting of said videos of officers on duty is wrong. It should be allowed to keep officers honest and to help the public trust them more. They are public figures and civil servents
    5. Anonymous
      Freedom of speech has nothing to do with how other people rate your speech. In fact, it was easier to insult people before the internet came along because most people weren't used to having other people's opinions broadcasted twenty-four hours a day, and immortalized online.

      There was a time when you didn't talk about certain things in polite company like religion and politics. You could avoid knowing the absurdity of most people's opinions for most of your life. Facebook, and Twitter changed all of that, and pretty much killed what we used to consider adulthood.

      It reminds me of the 80's when people from the previous generations would complain about no longer being able to say the word "nigger" in polite company. The common refrain was, "What's the big deal? It's just a word."

      Reality check. You have, and always will be judged by what you say. It's the primary way too get to know someone. If that bothers you, then consider your words carefully.
    6. Do you know who I am?
      Do you know who I am?
      Hero? You don't even believe that.

      Morrissey has the opinions of flippant teenager who thinks his parents are fascists.
    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      :rofl:fail !

      ' A car come at full speed in the wrong direction in a street full of people, what do you expect ?'

      I expect a street full of dead people ! there were no reports of that. Nice try though !

      And 'someone' rated your post 'insightful' ! doh::lbf:
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    8. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Very well possible but only if Italian legal authorities will backup the statement that was made by the police union.
      Those legal authorities and politics wiil think it over cause this case might also shed a light on how non famous Italians are bulled by the police. The image of the police might be damaged if publicity about a lawsuit triggers suddenly all kind of complaints from civilians that were treated the same way as Moz or even worse.
      Image is important, certainly in Italy.

      But I agree with you Italian dates seem very unlikely and Moz will only make apologies when he thinks he was wrong or somebody convinces him he should.
      Indeed, very unlikely.
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    9. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      I don't think this has anything to do with political correctness. He used his power as a celebrity to publicly defame, denigrate, and harass this person. By posting the officer's photo and his name, Morrissey and whoever was involved in the items posted on Sam's Facebook account did cross a line. If he had simply said he had some trouble with a police officer nothing would have been done.
      We have seen this before with Morrissey publishing the names of record company executives. Why does he do this? Probably so that some of his followers will find ways to make life difficult for those he targets.
      I don't know what happened but it doesn't seem like either side is 100% accurate in their depiction of events. But reading Morrissey's version I and most people seem to have assumed he was walking down that street, was stopped for no reason, asked to show papers and had a gun stuck in his face. Aside from being asked to identify himself none of that appears to be true. This happened in an area of Rome where tourists spend a lot of money so painting the police as random psychopaths isn't just an opinion.
      I've been harassed by police so if I was on the jury I'd listen closely to both sides. It is possible that this officer was rude and it's possible that the bit about the car speeding is not true. If the car was speeding and especially if it was going the wrong direction then Morrissey should really be made to pay for lying about a person that was only doing his job. My opinion of the police is just slightly on the negative side, but I learned a long time ago that all I have to do is show my identification and I'm free to go. I'm not a criminal. Anyone that travels to a foreign country and does not have their identification handy is an idiot. Why would you not want to cooperate with the police? Assuming you were doing nothing wrong. The only time you'd want to keep your identity a secret is when something is happening that you want to escape.
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    10. Anonymous
      Have you considered a career in ball-washing? It requires a bit of skill, which you clearly possess. You'll have to lose the propensity toward personal barbs, as you'd risk a law suit. ...but you're a perfect candidate.

      Morrissey is a hero for speaking out against things that are already covered by law - in most civilized countries? Unless you're vegan, hasn't done shit. ...but you're obviously not vegan. You'd have told me so, just like the rest. Bugger off with your fawning nonsense,

      Mozzy is a twat.
    11. Carly
      I don't believe the speeding down the road on the wrong side is a lie, Morrissey never denied it in his statement after the police responded with it.
    12. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Covered by law in most civilized countries?
      Yes the police are always very well covered by law in "most civilized countries". As a matter of fact, in most not that civilized countries too.
      Bugger of yourself with your nonsense, anonymous imbecile.
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    13. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      It's hard to say. Whoever you believe it doesn't really make sense because if the car was speeding down the wrong way then the cop could have given them a ticket. They are probably tolerant of rich tourists, though. Italy drives on the right side of the road. Maybe they are used to (drunk?) English tourists driving on the left.
    14. Carly
      it's not about who i believe, that part of the story(speeding) does not ring false, not making sense how it was dealt with is a different matter.
    15. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      This cop and Mike Joyce will be fighting over a check like people at the shows fight over his shirts. lol
    16. Anonymous

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    17. Anonymous
      The real question is: How and why has Morrissey - once a moving poetical animal - become an anti-poetical monster?
    18. celibate
      there won't be a lawsuit, Morrissey wasn't arrested, not even put in a policecar and got asked about His behaviour. Think any lawyer can defend Morrissey against the Rome police in court succesfull

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    19. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Morrissey isn't the bringing the lawsuit though, and it's not a criminal trial. It's a(nother) civil suit against Morrissey. I wonder how you say "devious, truculent, and unreliable" in Italian? Well, we'll know soon enough.
    20. ACTON
      Ok, so judge Moz by what he said. Fair enough. That doesn't mean you try to get money from him too. I appreciate Calamine's comments and do agree that Moz went too far in posting the photo and name. There was no need for that. I don't know why I often end up apologising for Moz. I reckon Martin Rossiter made some good points when he said he's sick of having to defend Moz to his friends. I'm doggy paddling slowly towards that same boat.
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