Italian police ready to sue and ask for compensation - reports

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    It's official: the Italian police will sue Moz

    La Polizia denuncia Morrissey per diffamazione: “Sono psicopatici armati” -

    Morrissey diffama la Polizia italiana, Consap: «pronti a denunciarlo e a chiedergli un risarcimento» - OP Osservatore Politico

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey defames the Italian Police, Consap "ready to sue and ask for compensation"
    By Pier Paolo Palozzi

    The British singer was stopped by police for a check, in central Rome. Subsequently, on their social profile, he defined the agents of "armed psychopaths." The Police Union: "we do not care about the 'logic she does not know who I am', for us all citizens are equal, including the singers'

    ROME - A lawsuit and a thank you, these are the reactions of Consap, more representative union of the State Police to heavy externalization of the English singer Morrissey.

    "By the term 'armed psychopaths' that the singer has posted on his company profile - explains the national secretary of Consap Stefano Spagnoli - has been given a mandate to our legal department to assess the details of defamation, while about the possibility that the singer gates all Italian dates we can only thank him for freeing resources for the safety of Italian citizens. "

    The Conferazione Statutory Autonomous Police rejects the sender, "the logic of" you do not know who I am "and the bad example of respect for the rule of law provided by singer .- continues the Trade Union Confederation of Autonomous Police - hoping that the promoters of these events musical know better assess the artists to gratify the presence and with the massive crowds, excluding those who clearly and despite the emergence of international security think they are above the law and police checks. "

    UPDATE July 12:

    Additional quotes from the police union in a link posted by an anonymous person:

    Il Siulp (sindacato dei poliziotti) denuncia Morrissey per oltraggio - Askanews
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    1. Anonymous
      Are you sure there are not more deep-seated reasons?
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    2. celibate
      Bill Cosby was not in the car
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    3. Anonymous
      You're making an assumption.
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    4. Anonymous
      If this happened to an unknown person, things would be quietly swept under the carpet. But because he is a celebrity it became another "let's see how much we can milk out of him scenario."
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    5. Anonymous
      I think it more about making a public show of intimidation. It says to average people don't criticize police or this could happen to you. There's already apparently a law not to post images or videos of them doing there job in public which I think is very wrong
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    6. Anonymous
      I am driving through Rome
      The wrong way on a one way street
      Dear Cop, don’t stop me

      And I am so very tired
      Of being subject to the same laws as everyone else
      Dear Cop don’t stop me

      Don’t you know who I am, I begs
      With Damo between my legs
      Dear Cop, don’t stop me

      Will you follow and apprehend
      Know more about the law than I do

      Track me down
      And ask me for ID

      Then he motions to me
      To get off my Jacksey
      Dear Cop, you really don’t know who I am, do you?

      Now he’s spreading my legs
      With his pistol in between
      Dear Cop, if I could I would sue you

      And now I am walking through Rome
      Because the Fiat’s clamped and can’t move
      But social media lies, they are free

      Lies are free
      Lies are free
      But the Lies... are free

      The lies are free
      If spread by Sam Etsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    7. Anonymous

      Very wrong? So you don't see them beat the crap out of people. Only reason for the law. What would be the reason

      This is why you should film police
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    8. Anonymous
      A very good effort, well done ! :thumb:
      My only slight issue ? *Damo instead of ! ! ! Diesel.

      Keep up the good work:laughing:


      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    9. ACTON
      If you truly think that then why are you on this site? I don't like sycophantic slags but I don't like the opposite either.
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    10. vegan.cro
      that is one problem. second problem is: the name of moderator who prove this Anon IP Hash: 15fdd27186 post (public wish of/for death) to be - public? where is now M SoLow Sicherheitspolizei?
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    11. countthree
      Conclusion: Instead of publicly threatening victims across the globe with possible lawsuits (in some places that conduct is called extortion and it has aggravated punishment coming from a public officer), Roman police should be making an exhaustive review of their protocols. They can't avoid a terrorist attack asking for IDs, it's not that easy guys, sorry. But they can make people feel they are suffering a Fascism 2.0 experience when they visit Rome. Last but not least, repair traffic signals if you receive tourism. I love Italy. I hate fascism.
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    12. Anonymous
      fuck the police
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    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Morrissey wishes death on people regularly.
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    14. Anonymous
      correct police procedure would have been:
      allow moz and nephew to drive full speed down the wrong side of the street in crowded street in Rome
      arrest any victims who would have the impudence to hit the vehicle with their body.
    15. Anonymous
      Jeremy Corbyn would have handled it much better, as can be seen in this clip from an old edition of Newsnight.

    16. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      I do like Italian people.
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    17. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Of course you do Woodie!
      It has nothing to do with Italian people.
      It has to do with police and could have happened anywhere!
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    18. countthree
      Training colleagues at police unions camps.
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    19. Anonymous
      When Foxy Knoxy wrongly implicated a black club owner in that now regrettable incident, the black dude sued her and won. If she goes back to Italy they will take her belongings and arrest her until she pays up. Same thing will happen to Moz, so its addio bella Italia. If he stashed his money there, when he hiding it from the drummer, he is probably moving it to Montevideo this very minute.
    20. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I don't think so.
      Apart from all other things, and what people think he is, there is also the professional side to it. Moz is a shrewd businessman.
      He learned. (From his mistakes?)
      I don't blame him.

      One of the things smart businessmen do is spread their financial risks.
      I would have my finances spread in Dollars, Euros and Swiss Franks, or assets in those zones and keep them in those zones.

      Montevideo is a risk.
      Even if he has financial assets in Italy he still can do business there without having to enter the country.
      Did you notice I didn't mention Pound Sterling? :rolleyes:
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