Italian police ready to sue and ask for compensation - reports

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    It's official: the Italian police will sue Moz

    La Polizia denuncia Morrissey per diffamazione: “Sono psicopatici armati” -

    Morrissey diffama la Polizia italiana, Consap: «pronti a denunciarlo e a chiedergli un risarcimento» - OP Osservatore Politico

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey defames the Italian Police, Consap "ready to sue and ask for compensation"
    By Pier Paolo Palozzi

    The British singer was stopped by police for a check, in central Rome. Subsequently, on their social profile, he defined the agents of "armed psychopaths." The Police Union: "we do not care about the 'logic she does not know who I am', for us all citizens are equal, including the singers'

    ROME - A lawsuit and a thank you, these are the reactions of Consap, more representative union of the State Police to heavy externalization of the English singer Morrissey.

    "By the term 'armed psychopaths' that the singer has posted on his company profile - explains the national secretary of Consap Stefano Spagnoli - has been given a mandate to our legal department to assess the details of defamation, while about the possibility that the singer gates all Italian dates we can only thank him for freeing resources for the safety of Italian citizens. "

    The Conferazione Statutory Autonomous Police rejects the sender, "the logic of" you do not know who I am "and the bad example of respect for the rule of law provided by singer .- continues the Trade Union Confederation of Autonomous Police - hoping that the promoters of these events musical know better assess the artists to gratify the presence and with the massive crowds, excluding those who clearly and despite the emergence of international security think they are above the law and police checks. "

    UPDATE July 12:

    Additional quotes from the police union in a link posted by an anonymous person:

    Il Siulp (sindacato dei poliziotti) denuncia Morrissey per oltraggio - Askanews
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    1. NealCassidy
      This stuff never goes anywhere... like that bodyguard in LA etc?
    2. SuedeMoz
      Can't help but think Morrissey made this whole situation escalate with his shitty, entitled attitude (even if has in the right to begin with). At least maybe now we'll find out what really happened. Once again, I'd rather be discussing reactions to new material, etc. but this is what we get.
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    3. vegan.cro
    4. gordyboy9
      unless you were their then nobody will know how fast the car was going,as for mozz saying do you know who I am is like something Elton john would have said in the seventies,peploe don't do that now because they know they would be ridiculed.its all bluster on the polices part,we will see if this ever gets to court like all the other lawsuits.
    5. billybu69
      Some of you seem to be forgetting this is Italian law, normal rules may or may not apply.
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    6. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      YOUR point?
    7. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      Yeah, I have heard of terrorism, fucktard. They slammed into two buildings killing nearly 3,000 of my countrymen. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN THAT HAPPENED? Not to mention the Japanese bombed an entire state in my country FOR NO REASON AT ALL IN THE MOST COWARDLY WAY POSSIBLE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. We've learned our lesson. That's why we blow up everything we see at the mere appearance of impropriety, we're sick of the bullshit.

      You're the lunatic. Morrissey was A PASSENGER. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM, you fucking sub-species.

      People miss a traffic sign once in awhile, GET OVER IT, you dumbass Italian moron. I'd like to see you drive in New York without "accidentally" going down a one way street. You can't because you probably don't even KNOW how to drive, you grape-picking, lazy euro trash.
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    8. URBANUS
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    9. Anonymous
      Bravo couldn't have said it better myself.
    10. Surface
      You need to calm down son.
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    11. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      I am calm.
    12. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      You need to stay on topic.
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    13. Anonymous
      I hope the next time he plays Ganglord, he just puts up on the screen the robocop's photo.
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    14. Wobble
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    15. Anonymous
      I'm standing in the dock
      With my guilty hand on my heart
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    16. Anonymous
      I think we can pretty much guarantee that Italy is now on the list of boycotted countries that Morrissey will never play, along with Canada and the Falkland Islands (OK, so maybe they weren't exactly clamouring for a show at that last one).

      Bad news for Italian fans, but if there's a chance he'd be served some kind of legal papers, or arrested for not paying a fine - he'll simply not risk setting foot in the country.
    17. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      "Armed psychopaths" :tiphat:
      Yes, also in Italy
    18. URBANUS
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    19. SuedeMoz
      Yep, we can see that one coming a mile away.
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    20. Anonymous

      The Italian Unity of Police Workers, in the person of the Italian Secretary General Felice Romano, reports that he has instructed lawyer Massimiliano Annetta to report to Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey and the owner of the profile facebook "Sam Esty Rayner Photography "in relation to what happened in Rome last 4/7/2017 and, even more, to what has been said later on social networks and press organs.

      "It is believed, in fact," the Siulp explains in a note, "that no one can outraged those who do their duty to guarantee the safety and freedom of citizens, while assuring the full right of citizenship recognized by law. This, more importantly, when the one who does so should be an example because it is a 'public figure': we policemen are accustomed to working in the belief that public relevance has more burdens than honors. Let us note that Mr. Morrissey not only does not think of us as we do, but he believes that his being 'famous' places him above the law.

      "Certainly - continues the Siulp - who only briefly publicly criticized the British Premier because, in his view, there was no adequate guarantee of the security of the citizens, we would never have expected the Italian police officers to be 'psychopathic' In anti-terrorist controls, with the aggravating that such an action would make him 'insecure' in our country. "

      "In the circumstances - the police syndication notes - colleagues acted not only in full compliance with the rules, in order to guarantee the safety of Mr. Morrissey, but also with extreme touch and kindness, allowing him to contact the hotel In order to identify the same, with no documents, expecting to refrain from declining in general because a car that had entered countermeasures at a sustained speed in a crowded street in central Rome. Exactly what led him to criticize his country's police. "

      "Representing the overwhelming majority of Italian policemen, and not wanting to lend ourselves to what appears to be an obvious campaign of self-promotion, we can not allow anyone to offend the dignity and professionalism of Italian policemen and of our entire country who - concludes Siulp - unlike others, as regards hospitality and hospitality, it is giving lessons to the whole world."
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