'It was like working in a mill, but with drugs': how indie labels reinvented British music



I bought the reissued and expanded C86 compilation on Cherry Red records recently. It was originally a free cassette compilation with the NME, showcasing all the up and coming indie bands of 1986. Since then, I've also bought C87, C88 and C89. An invaluable record of what indie was about during that time. With around 70 tracks for each compilation, you can't go wrong.

Ketamine Sun


‘Rough Trade, which operated as a cooperative in its early days, had a reputation as being a quasi-hippie organisation. When working with the Fall, Mark E Smith could be found outside the label offices in the morning making sure everyone was clocking in on time. “He used to be a shipping clerk, so I think he thought it was highly amusing,” laughs Travis. “Making sure this bunch of hippies weren’t showing up late for work.”

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