It Must Be Raining There Forever (a mix by Codreanu)


While the whole notion for a mix was clearly inspired by BR's The Forgotten Mix Tapes, a thread to which this post properly belongs, I feel mine disparate and cool enough to merit a thread of its own.
(everything I know of humility, I've learned from chica :rolleyes:)

It Must Be Raining There Forever
a mix by Codreanu

01. French Opera 1 - The Durutti Column
02. What Were the Chances - Damien Jurado
03. Phone - Dirge
04. To Breath [sic] Underwater - TwinSisterMoon
05. Woozy with Cider - James Yorkston
06. Arrows in the Night - Fred Thomas
07. There is Nothing I Can Do - Rivulets
08. Posterity is Futile - Drekka
09. Reaching for Trees in Dreams - Voices and Organs
10. East Berlin at Night - Early Day Miners
11. Harmonium - Max Richter
12. Stiletto Heels and a Bulletproof Vest - Quintin Nadig
13. Photo from a Car in Winter - Dave Fischoff
14. Clavioline - Empress
15. End of All - Nick Grey
16. Of Silence - Liger
17. Look What I Have Done - David Thomas Broughten
18. Morning Blur - Half Asleep

It Must Be Raining There Forever (111 MB) [sendspace link]
It Must Be Raining There Forever (111 MB) [megaupload link]



the one he left behind
Nice to see you again Cod.

This is going straiight to my music player, looks so deliciously melancholy.
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