It’s official a LatinAmerica Tour 2018



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Last time Morrissey played in Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional was in year 2000 with Alain Whyte, Gary Day and Spike T Smith.

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Interesting. The rumour mill caught it all on the 22nd as, clearly, a couple of venues and ticket agents put out info and retracted it. I wonder if this announcement is planned or has appeared due to 2 speculative posts here going on the front page... You never know.
The pre-sale date was accurate too - 5 months in advance? Any reason they are so early compared to Europe?
Still, glad our Latin American friends have some gigs to look forward to.


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I reckon playing 8 dates in Mexico is top mental m8 inn nn n n nn it. The go to. When LIHS bombed in the USA, there is always the foreigners like Mexicans, Brittish, and Nazi countries who love all the 1950's Americana stuff like Levis 501's and High School Letterman's sweaters. TMMG, ltd-Los Angeles still the top entertainment management group in Hollywood. Good on ya Uncle Steve!


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He'd better not come near the border. They'll throw half the band in one cage, and the other half, who knows?


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to all south americans on here who will be going,enjoy.


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
whats the difference between south America and latin America.


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
Hi Latin America includes countries in Central America and Caribbean as South America anywhere Spanish, French or Portuguese are spoken
cheers pal for clearing that up.


They're live streaming the LA premiere of ant man and wasp on the Marvel YouTube channel today. You never know who may appear on the red carpet.

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As I mentioned on another less prominent thread, the timing seems ripe for a North American swing leading up to these dates. Maybe October-ish. We shall see. Anyone know if he's in good standing with the US Secret Service?
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