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Stephen Hofmann

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I thought you understood nuance. Not all Jews want to destroy my race, but the group of people in the media/academia/governments etc who do want to dilute my culture and enjoy maliciously psy-opping my race with 100% black imagery through their wall to wall advertising, tend to be liberal atheistic Jews.

So those ones can go suck on my middle finger.

As for Jewish comedians, name me a single contemporary one who is genuinely funny. Name me a contemporary Hollywood film worth watching. Name me a current BBC drama worth tuning in to. The reason why you can't is because Jews have completely monopolised these things now and taken on the role as gatekeeper - they allow no outside talent in - so add the political correctness rule (that they themselves invented Re: the Frankfurt School) and standards have hit a previously unseen low.


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I've never said Moz is straight - I've said he's not gay (and so has he many times).

Wilde was a paedophile - he liked to hire underage rent from the meat rack of Piccadilly.

Behan was a piss artist more interested in what was in his jar.
"Not gay" is actually its own category. There's straight, bi, gay, and not gay.


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Exclusive footage of reelfountain when she's listening to Pretty Girls Make Graves, I Can Have Both, Piccadilly Palare, I'm Not a Man, Dear God Please Help Me, et cetera.



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Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

In my experience "not gay" is usually "super gay and angry about it."

Fake C good for you to come clean about your EXPERIENCE with anger toward the poor black homeless that you terrorized for playing the boombox:straightface:
turns out it was all about the D and the Frozen tacos:neutral:
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