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By the thrice-beshitten shroud of Lazarus
This is friggin' hilarious:

My favourite bit:

One episode had been shown but the series was halted after viewers spotted, in a trailer, symbols on the face of contestant Darren Lumsden which are commonly used by Nazi extremists. They included the number 88, often used as a numerical code for “Heil Hitler”, as in the eighth letter of the alphabet repeated.

At first the channel defended Lumsden, a joiner from Bristol, stating that similarity between his tattoos and Nazi symbols was “entirely incidental” and that background checks had confirmed he had no links or affiliations to racist groups or views.

It was said the number 88 referred to 1988, the year of Lumsden’s father’s death.

The Daily Mail subsequently tracked down Lumsden’s father Trevor, who lives close to his son and who declared to a reporter: “I’m here aren’t I? I’m alive and kicking, so I’m not dead yet.”


Trump is quite possibly the most Jewish president that America has ever had. (y) I only worship Zionist haters, dunce. 😘
😲 What a shocking revelation, Velcro!

Even trumping the thinking cap you forgot to bring for the job.

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