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His name isn't Boris, it's Alex(ander.) His full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Boris Johnson is his stage name. And he is a joke, albeit not a very funny one.
but you do concede that if you named your son boris you'd HAVE to name his brother rufus, right?


I'm not American.
Of course not, dear. Everyone on Solo knows queenie here could use a little 🤐. Before then, you need to remind me you are queen of what castle is it in the universe where you live in your mind, dear, so I can write down the address? :crazy:


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people are dying from it ,its sad but they should have looked after themselves . its called life . you should look after youself so that everybody else doesnt have to its called personal responsibility its called looking after yourself and not making yoursef so ill that everyone else has to be drgged in.
Dale I am waiting for you over here. MASK OFF. Don't you love your old politi anymore?


Last of the famous international screw ups.
When Trump first put in the travel ban with China, Sleepy Joe Biden opposed it, it's on record while Nancy 'I'll have another shot of vodka and Botox' Pelosi is on camera cheerfully saying, 'c'mon down to China Town.'

And that's without getting into the whole issue that governors had a rather large say in how the Wuhan virus was managed in their state. That's how Andrew Cuomo, (the allegedly smart Cuomo,) was able to ship Covid cases into old-age care homes and killed 40,00 people in the process yet is STILL being talked about as a future Presidential candidate. Only in America! folks.

As for Trump, 'lying.' Well Bob Woodward was SO CONCERNED about this supposed lying he went straight to the media about this last year? Coz, like that's a really big story right and one the American people should now about straight away? Noooooo, as it turns out Bob waits until 60 days before a Presidential election to drop this bombshell (we've got him now lads!) when he has a book to spruik.

And what's even more hilarious is Trump is on record back in April saying he purposely downplayed the effects of the virus because he didn't want to panic people. Now you can debate the wisdom of that strategy all you want, but it wasn't something he tried to hide. At the end of the day his opponent in November didn't even want a travel ban in February, so I'm hard pressed to know what Dopey Joe would've done differently, except make things worse.

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