It’s not about politics

!Viva Hate!

Multiplicity was my first date with my first kid's mom. Whither goes the ranch hand?
I unashamedly love that movie.

Also, do you like this song?

!Viva Hate!

I know I would have.
Andie used to be so cute. The poor man’s Andie, Nancy Travis, is in Three Men and a Little Lady.

This song is at the end of the movie. Do you like it?

!Viva Hate!

It's no Knockabout World is all I'm saying.
I will knock you about the head with a crowbar until you’re no longer a part of this world.

!Viva Hate!

Not exactly. What are the stakes? What can I really lose? These questions are important.
Everything, friendo. You stand to lose everything.


Mr. Jackpots

Well. Let's talk about this.

You could be "really mean to me" on Morrissey Solo.

You could reveal bits of my personal life that you've gathered through private correspondence or by cursory Google searches based on information I've allowed to escape to the public over the years.

You could reveal things about me that you've picked up surreptitiously through hacks, tracking bugs, cookies you're privy to, whatever, and use them as leverage here at Solo or, if you wanted to, in private correspondence you'd enact by contacting my family, whose information you'd surely have no hard time procuring through hacking or even just rudimentary educated sleuthing.

You could hack my computer. You could hack my bank account, PayPal, etc.

You could hack the computers and bank accounts of my family.

You could do any of those things, if you wanted to. I know that.

Something along those lines?
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