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Jew behind the purge of "racist" and authoritarian NHL coaches

Of Simon Holmqvist ,2019-12-10
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news Editor
ICE HOCKEY. NHL Commissioner, Jew Gary Bettman, says he wants to "improve the world" as he now clears out ice hockey coaches accused of racist statements and an authoritarian leadership style. The behavior of the designated coaches is called "abuse" and, according to Bettman, these will no longer be tolerated within the NHL.


Jim Montgomery, Marc Crawford and Bill Peters are three NHL coaches affected by the new PK drive in North American professional hockey. Photos: Facebook / Hockey 360, Facebook / The Pigeon Puck Podcast and Facebook / NHL News Updates.

It has stormed the majority of coaches in the North American Hockey League National Hockey League (NHL). This after players accused them of "abuse", which consisted of alleged racist statements and an authoritarian leadership style.

First to be petted was Bill Peters , coach of the Canadian NHL team Calgary Flames and as late as 2018 coach of the Canadian ice hockey national team. He was fired for alleged "racist attacks" against half-Nigerian former NHL player Akim Aliu ten years ago when Peters coached the AHL team Rockford IceHogs.

Since then, for example, NHL coaches such as Mike Babcock and Marc Crawford have ended up in the shotgun, where Crawford has been suspended from his position as coach of the Chicago Blackhawks while investigating charges against him. These have mainly been about their authoritarian leadership style, which in the media is described as "physical and mental abuse".

One of the former NHL players now accusing Crawford is a Swedish, namely Sweden Radio's hockey expert Per Svartvadet , who had Crawford as coach when he played in the now defunct NHL team Atlanta Trashers almost 20 years ago.

- We met our coach for the first time and he walked around the dressing room and greeted everyone. When can come to me he took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said "I hate Swedish center forwards, just so you know about it". And so he just went on. Our relationship was pretty chilly afterwards, says Svartvadet, who played center forward.

At the same time, the Swedish Henrik Sedin , acclaimed player of the NHL Vancouver Canucks, has gone out and defended his former coach Marc Crawford and his leadership style.

- He believed in us and could definitely be tough and tough in how he treated us, but it was never something physical. He taught us an incredible amount and he is a big part of us becoming the players we became, ”Sedin tells Swedish Radio's Radio Sport.

Swedish star goalkeeper Robin Lehner of the Chicago Blackhawks is also facing the mass media description of the coaches. In an interview with The Athletic site, he defends his former coach Marc Crawford and says he wants to nuance the issue and that the discussion has become "ridiculous".


Swedish NHL goalkeeper Robin Lehner criticizes the drive against NHL coaches. Photo: Michael Miller (CC BY-SA 3.0).

He also thinks that "everyone deserves a second chance".

- These people are not evil. They are not bad people. They don't want to ruin anyone. But we judge people's actions many, many years ago by a view we have of society today. Ten years ago, when I entered the league, 15-20 years ago, things like this were the norm. That was the norm. These people thought it was the best way to achieve results, "Lehner told Athletic.

- Now we judge the person. We judge the people and we let the "cancel culture" and pressure from social media destroy people's lives, he continues.

What Lehner is referring to as the "cancel culture" is the culture that permeates the American establishment, but to some extent also the Swedish, where public figures have their lives destroyed by mass media drives due to old events that get a new assessment in step with society's ever-changing "norms".

Lehner even goes so far as to say that the trainers were not properly "trained" twenty years ago, when many of the incidents for which the coaches are now accused must have occurred. In other words, the cultural Marxist indoctrination was not as formalized when the coaches previously acted in a way that today is not considered politically correct.

- I mean they weren't educated then, and then it was [the behavior] a norm. Go back twenty years and see how people raised their children, says Lehner.

- We are not talking about the hundreds of people who will say they love Crawford. I love him. He's just been good to me. He is not an evil man. He did things because he thought he was helping people.

Players in shock: "We didn't expect this" The
last in the line of coaches to be fired is Dallas Stars coach Jim Montgomery , who allegedly violated the club's "value foundation". The club writes in a press release that " expect all our employees to act with integrity and show professional behavior while working for our organization " and that the decision to kick Montgomery was made because he exhibited " unprofessional behavior and after breaking against the Dallas Stars and the NHL's values " . However, it is not specified exactly what the alleged value-based crime should have consisted of.

Dallas Stars players are shocked that their coaches have been kicked and have no idea what has happened.

"This is a huge shock, we did not expect this," said team star Tyler Seguin in a statement.

Jewish NHL boss develops "action plan against abuse"


Jewish NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Photo: NNC Public Affairs Photography (CC Public Domain).

One of the most driving people in the drive against ice hockey coaches is NHL commissioner, Jew Gary Bettman , who has decided to clear out all NHL coaches who do not meet his template for how an ice hockey coach should behave.

"We will not tolerate abuse in any form," says Bettman, among other things in the press release from the recently held Board of Governors meeting, which is held annually between all owners and general managers in the NHL.

Bettman also presented a new action plan that all NHL clubs now have to live up to. The Hockey News site has summarized the main points:

1. Zero tolerance applies. All clubs must immediately report inappropriate, illegal or abusive behavior to Bettman himself, or his number two Bill Daly . In the event of failure to do so, the club and individuals in question may expect "harsh punishment".

2. All coaches, general managers (including assistants) must attend an annual course where, among other things, education on diversity, inclusion and bullying is on the wallpaper.

3. Inappropriate behavior will be punished by either the club in question, the league or both.

4. Whistle blowers should be protected. A new platform will be created so that inappropriate behavior can be reported anonymously to the league.

Gary Bettman says he is happy with the radical changes in the NHL and that these will change the world "for the better".

- The world is changing for the better. This is an opportunity, and a moment, for positive change and this development should be accelerated - for the benefit of everyone who is part of the sport that we love, says Bettman summarily in his statement.

Juden Bettman has been the NHL's commissioner since 1993, when the post created an exclusive for him. As a commissioner, he is the league's chief executive and has during his many years in service become unpopular among both players and fans. In particular, he has been severely criticized for his handling of the various strikes that hit the NHL due to conflicts between clubs and the players' union regarding wage settlements. During one of the strikes, the entire season 2004-05 had to be canceled.

Despite the criticism of his handling of the strikes, these have been very favorable to Bettman himself. Before the 04-05 strike, Bettman's annual salary was $ 3.77 million. It had increased to $ 7.23 million for the season 07-08, and as compensation for the 2012-13 strike, his annual salary increased to $ 8.8 million. Already during the 2013–14 season, Bettman's annual salary increased further, earning no less than $ 9.5 million.

Article text and research: Simon Holmqvist and Fredrik Vejdeland
Known it for ages but now we finally get some evidence:

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New research conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has found that chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body, causing a sharp increase in cancer cells circulating throughout the body (including the lungs).

Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists

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Of Paulina Forslund ,2019-12-10
[email protected]

COMMENT. Paulina Forslund writes about how tolerance weakens Swedes and paves the way for the oppression of our people.


Tolerance. A very word of today. A word that permeates the soul of the rootless Swede. A word that the most intolerant uses to control, dominate and last but not least win ground.

It starts already among the preschoolers. Where the Swedish children are urged to embrace the Christian ideals and the guiding principle that are now more or less taken over by the left-wing peoples. Fuzzy about "Everyone's equal value", to turn the other cheek and "if you are kind to the stupid / bad one will be kind".

Our young probes are fed with these toxins of tolerance. What happens is that we lose inch by inch, slowly but surely. Not only do we lose our right of defense. Our future generations are deprived of their ability to think critically, or to defend themselves. When non-Swedes are many times raised in extremely patriarchal structures like our people lived in medieval Christian Sweden, our sons and daughters are raised by completely different "male" ideals.

In our society, the Swedish man no longer has the right to be a man. Not even in a healthy and balanced way, like fathers just a generation back were still. Now young boys should instead be tolerant and preferably androgynous. They end up here directly in a lower position that usually becomes most evident in puberty. Swedish guys are robbed, humiliated, ridiculed. Like their sisters, they have become an easy replacement. They are often also in a numerical disadvantage as strangers move in larger groups.

In the multicultural Western world, the non-white man is portrayed as strong, masculine, vital and last but not least desirable. Our sons should look after them and our daughters would like to pass on these genes. The question is where can we adults step in and do something to equip our young people?

I must emphasize here that in no way or in any way do I advocate a similar upbringing as I mentioned earlier, when we lived by Christian oppressive ideals. However, as many of you readers, I already know most strongly that we men and women should use natural feminine and masculine ideals. Where man and woman complement each other and back each other up.

I think our men need to start speaking their language and show in power and action that it is enough. As much as I, as the Nordic woman I am, would like to take that fight myself, these "men" will not listen to me or any other woman. The Nordic fathers, real men, paternal grandparents and brothers must begin to think more strategically and put hard to hard again.

You should not be able to come here and rape. Men should not dare rob young Swedes. We Swedes / northerners need to become intolerant. Only then will we have a chance to return to our country again. Because, as it is now, they are raging freely. And it was our "elected" traitors to politicians who let the hell out of the bridge. But it's up to us to stop it!
The death of Swedish freedom of speech and the total takeover of democrature.

Of Simon Lindberg ,2019-07-01
[email protected]
The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement
FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Constitutional freedoms and rights are revoked for the Swedish people. Repression against system critics is increasing. The situation is starting to get really serious.


The media, politicians and celebrities in Sweden, and thus the whole establishment, do not speak too infrequently about the lack of "democracy" prevailing in many other countries. They talk condemningly about totalitarian states and citizens who must not think and think as they please, about opposition to the sitting regimes being treated badly, and about police who forcefully repel popular protests and investigative journalists. We hear about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and China, just as we heard about Libya and Iraq, for example.

This article should not account for the circumstances in the above states or at all reason about the truthfulness of the establishment's reporting on these. Instead, we will look at what the situation looks like in Sweden. This country is nowhere near as liberal as the system wants to shine. Your freedoms and rights as a dissenting Swedish citizen are greatly decimated.

In recent years, Swedish freedom of expression has been increasingly restricted. In this, we discuss how both freedom of association and demonstration can be restricted. Those who suffer and notice it are, of course, those who go against the state and the establishment - the opposition Swedes.

Sweden of today is a globalist country. The establishment consists of globalists from the media to politicians. Sweden's constitution is even rewritten to suit the globalists by, for example, it has been written for several years that we will be a multicultural country and members of the EU. The opposition is thus not made up of either moderates or left-wing parties, which can rather both be said to be the other side of the same coin as the Social Democrats and the other parties in parliament. The opposition is instead made up of the anti-globalists - the nationalists.


In this article I will go over some practical examples of how people's freedoms and rights are increasingly being restricted in Sweden. Against nationalists in general and those involved in the most radical national alternative, the Nordic Resistance Movement, in particular. Indeed, restrictions of this kind always begin with the most radical and fearless, who still take enough notes to reach real growth potential, but they will hardly end there. Only when the entire people think exactly as the governing desires will the restrictions cease. Only when each individual applauds the globalist agenda and their own national downfall will the witch hunt be over.

In other media you do not hear and will not be able to hear about any of this other than in a sharply distorted hue where you as a consumer are encouraged to take a selfie of the freedom of speech and the nation. According to these editorial articles, chronicles, news notes, radio reports, debate programs on TV and documentaries, yet only "violent terrorists" are subjected to the repression. However, those who are "violent terrorists" and who will be affected by the ever-increasing prohibition rate will, over time, cover more and more as the swings are removed more and more by the system.

In Sweden there is NO basic freedom of speech!
For example, did you know that:

• What you are allowed to comment on is increasingly restricted. Not only things that obviously defy the regime and its representatives are now punishable, but also things that partial prosecutors can arbitrarily interpret as despite.

The legislation that falls under the heading "hate against people" in Sweden is not, as the establishment wants to get you to believe, a law that mainly exists to protect ethnic, religious and sexual minorities from being violated. These minorities actually enjoy full legal protection already through the laws on, for example, defamation and illegal threats. Indeed, through the hate crime supplement in the scale of punishment, the “minorities” actually enjoy a higher protection value than us white heterosexual Swedes. In this context, it can also be noteworthy that neither the hate crime supplement nor the anger against the peoples group legislation is applied when non-Swedes act abusively against Swedes on an ethnically motivated basis.

Instead, the Act on Hate Against People's Group is a law that is primarily designed to protect the regime from all forms of public criticism against their globalist world order. Representatives of the government, for example, previously completely officially gone out and said that there is no need for the prohibition of "racial" groups in Sweden, since that is already the law on incitement to racial hatred are and serve the same purpose: " Criminalization is focused on the acts committed but the purpose with the Swedish legislation is that the activities of such organizations must be prevented. "

This real purpose of the law, for example, is clearly shown by the fact that, in a clear majority of all indictments against ethnic groups, it is not based on police reports from individuals from different minority groups who felt upset or violated, but by system loyal and tax-supported political associations whose sole purpose is fishing online for statements to mass report. Both the Legal Front which is working to try to limit freedom of the press and the Social Security Examiner who are chasing retirees who have expressed themselves “wrong” on the net are examples of such.

The total defense research institute, FOI, has also, together with the police, launched a "hatomat", which is a software whose purpose is to actively search the network for statements that may fall within the framework of what is considered to be hate towards the public group.

The purpose becomes even clearer when you look at how flexible the law is interpreted. One thing that differs sharply from Sweden's legislation on incitement to ethnic groups from similar laws in other countries is that in the other countries it is usually very clear and clear what is illegal to say and not. In Sweden, on the other hand, the law is always open to interpretation of the law, which leads to the unique and unlawful situation that people can subsequently be judged for things they thought were legal to say when they said it. This means that you can end up in prison without even knowing that you have done something illegal and that no matter how legally well educated you are. For obvious reasons, this should not be allowed in a state of law, nor is any other law in this country practiced in that way.


Increasingly, the Orwellian concept of "interpretive facts" is also applied, which in practice means inequality before the law, since it must not only be judged by what is actually expressed in court, but also by who expressed it. Symbols, expressions, words and gestures are fully legal if, for example, a well-known Social Democrat expresses them, but illegal if a known nationalist says, does or writes exactly the same.

• Troll factories, with the aim of influencing the exchange rate among other things, are run both openly by government parties and more in the hidden by system loyal journalists and the media.

More and more examples are being discovered all the time where the government parties, the larger media and various government institutions actively organize people behind anonymous network accounts to fight dissent. For example, we have the infamous police officer Dan Eliasson's MSB, the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness, whose main task has come to fight so-called disinformation in society - in other words; controversial, oppositional, and systemic views. We also have visible private initiatives, but with employees and financiers who clearly link to the prevailing system, whether they go under the hashtag "jagärhärige" or "interasistmen". The Social Democrats have also openly acknowledged that they are running magic activities.


At this point, the media is also not relevant. By openly and falsely reporting on both troll factories and "fake news" from the opposition and at the same time trying to make the system look legitimate in all situations, they often troll themselves worse than the troll they should have the task of drawing into the light.

• Symbols, including those representing multi-thousand-year-old culture and also greetings used by opposites, are prohibited on continuous bands. It is now even illegal to pay tribute to individual people who have historically stood up to the system.

For a long time, the multi-thousand-year-old sun symbol swastika, or the hook cross, is totally banned in Sweden. It is also forbidden, for example, to carry certain skulls and some ancient Nordic runes and other cultural symbols in different combinations. Sweden's Minister of the Interior, Morgan Johansson , in 2018 saw to it that an investigation was started to ban the Tyr rune, which, in addition to being a letter in our ancestors' runal alphabet, is also the symbol of the Nordic resistance movement. If the ban goes through, it opens up the ban on all Nordic runes.

It is sometimes argued that the hawk cross and runes, regardless of their historical significance, have now acquired a different meaning that legitimizes a ban. This, in itself, becomes a very totalitarian starting point - that certain sentences would be prohibited from being manifested in symbols - but, it is also, like the other examples in this article remarkable, based on where the boundary should go and who gets the right to set it. Where does it end?


At the end of 2018, Örebro District Court ruled that it is forbidden to show a picture of Adolf Hitler unless at the same time explicitly renounce his life and his life. Here, just as in the case of the forbidden symbols, one can think what one wants about Adolf Hitler and this article should also not discuss his deeds, but that you are now not allowed to show photographs of people who dislike the establishment is a clear example of the level of detail that our freedom of speech laws have been tightened to. Who will be forbidden to portray next time remains to be seen. Why not the old Swedish Prime Ministers Pär Albin Hansson and Tage Erlander who very clearly stood for onepolicy that today was considered very controversial under the system?

• Organizations that do not like the establishment are dirty by the state's public representatives and threatened with a ban.

Virtually every high-ranking politician or editor-in-chief has at least once in recent years used the very largest media to urge that freedom of association should be restricted and that, for example, the Nordic resistance movement must be banned . In all cases, pure lies, dirt throwing and hideous epithets are used to justify the prohibition of what is thus a fully legal and according to all the rules of the art, properly registered political party.

When the Center Party leader, Annie Lööf , calls the Resistance Movement a "hate sect" and the very prime minister, Stefan Löfven , calls the party "disgusting" and its members "the scum of history", you understand at what level the dirt throwing is . No logical reasoning or ideological arguments are used at all, but instead it is almost like a contest around who can incite in the most obscene manner and this as said by such highly-placed rulers.


Active participants in the heat are also the majority of more or less powerful lobbying organizations. An example of such a loud one is WJC, the World Jewish Congress - the world's most powerful open Jewish lobbying organization, which was highly responsible for the fact that the Law on Hate Against People came to Sweden from the beginning and was even openly involved in the outbreak of World War II. Even WJC uses nothing but lies in its safety against the Resistance and repeats the example often in their rhetoric that the organization would use terror and violence to achieve their goals.

• Bank accounts are closed to opposition political parties and associations and they are not allowed to open new ones.

The bank accounts that the Nordic Resistance movement through various associations blamelessly dispose of and use for many years were closed down by Nordea a couple of years ago. Shortly thereafter, accounts were also closed for most other national groupings and pages, even from banks other than Nordea.

When the Nordic Resistance Movement was registered as a political party to stand for election, the party was denied accounts with all banks registered in Sweden.

In a country like Sweden, where the opportunity to trade with cash is disappearing more and more, it is a serious restriction on freedom and rights to refuse to administer bank accounts . It can even be pulled off to such an extent that it can be called a partial ban on an association, as it hinders, or at least severely hampers, sympathizers who want to contribute financially to the business, as well as it makes it difficult for organizations to run the necessary parts of the business by pay invoices for services and goods.

The motivation given by the private banks to carry out this repression is that the organizations 'activities violate the banks' ethical values. Thus, there has been no mention of any economic crime like money laundering or anything else, but is entirely motivated by ideology and position on various political issues.


End of part 1
Part 2

This means either that private companies in Sweden are allowed, entirely without central legal control or rules of conduct, to decide which parties, media and associations are allowed to exist fully and under the same conditions as everyone else, or that the state gives directives to private companies. companies how to act. Whatever the case, it means that if you are not a globalist you do not have the same rights as those who want to dissolve our nations.

• Journalists are abused by police when they try to document things that the state does not want them to document.

The police often use overt violence against nationalists in general and the Resistance Movement activists in particular . When journalists from Nordfront, a registered newspaper with publication proof, document this, it is not at all uncommon for the violence to be directed at them as well. Several times, people with a video camera and media vest have pepper sprayed and beaten with batons solely because they filmed police violence against activists. In Nyköping earlier this year, for example, a police dog was bused at a journalist with serious bite injuries as a result.


It is also more a rule than exceptions that the police violate the law by seizing legally source protected material such as cameras and hard drives from Nordfront journalists. Combined with the laws on incitement against ethnic groups, which hit opposition newspapers hard, it leads to a climate where it is rather difficult to run media that does what all media should actually do - to properly examine the holders of power and its lackeys.

• The freedom of demonstration, which has previously been steady despite other restrictions on the freedoms of the people, is now also threatened. Prosecutors believe that, in theory, opposers should be allowed to demonstrate, but that they should be punished for other devised offenses if they do.

Demonstration permits are not distributed in the vicinity on the same premises for the Resistance Movement as they do for other parties and political organizations - both the length and location of the march route and the time of the permit are usually significantly reduced in relation to the application. However, permits are still being handed out at the time of writing and so far no case exists in Sweden where any opposition party has been refused to fully demonstrate - under all conditions.

However, an upcoming lawsuit in Gothenburg this fall may in practice revoke the freedom of the demonstration wholly for opposites if the prosecutor and the police chief for Region West get what they want. According to these, it must be considered to be hot against people to participate only in a demonstration organized by the Nordic Resistance Movement by "taking part in a march where the thoughts through the overall impression are conveyed to 1930s Germany" . If an organization on paper is allowed to demonstrate, but the participants in the demonstration are condemned for fierceness against the people group for doing so, of course the system has nevertheless in practice banned the organization from demonstrating.


Although the outcome of the trial would lead to an acquittal for the demonstration participants, the whole case is a highly interesting example of how the establishment works on these issues. Of course, even taking such a case to court and having the magazines written up big that you can be convicted of crimes if you participate in the Resistance Movement's demonstrations has obviously affected the number of participants in the organization's demonstrations negatively and effectively paralyzed parts of the national demonstration culture that has been built up over the years. .

• All major media are entirely in the regime's lead and, in addition to regularly publishing obvious lies about opposition politicians, they also do not allow opinions that are not sanctioned by the government to be made public.

All established television and radio channels and major magazines - private as state, nationwide as local, news media as entertainment - are driven by a globalist agenda. No media is neutral. A majority of the media owners are not even Swedes.

Nor is there anyone who ever needs to be held liable for lies and slander against organizations or associations. All of this, together, means that you cannot access information that does not favor globalist interests, but which, more often than not, is spiked to the brim with falsehood. Even individuals who are active in the opposition are regularly hanged , chased and thrown out on the sole grounds of political commitment


News that does not fit the globalist narrative is omitted or turned into unrecognizable, all thought articles and reportage convey a globalist worldview and every time the national opposition takes any action it is addressed either with silence or black painting. For example, you always talk about the Resistance movement - never WITH the Resistance movement. Or at least not without cutting and distorting the statements sharply. Submitters and rebuttals that do not fall into the new world order in the taste are also denied consistent publication.


Sweden is seen in the media climate not just a narrow view corridor, but a large and total opinion vacuum. This is serious as the power of the media is, without any doubt, greater than that of the elected politicians. It is the media that actively influences people's opinions and causes them to vote "right" in the elections. In many cases, it is also clearly the media that governs the politicians and not the other way around.

• International social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are highly involved in the repression and censor the accounts and posts that the state wants them to censor.

Opposition posts are deleted, their official accounts as well as their representatives' accounts closed down and those who nevertheless manage to "like" or share something further are banished to the periphery. On Facebook and Instagram, all users are turned off by linking to one of the Resistance Movement's pages, for example. On Twitter, there is a blocking filter that prevents the links from being posted at all. On Youtube, films and accounts that do not live up to the interests of globalists are erased on a daily basis.

Everything happens with the state's good memory and support. Politicians have openly acknowledged that they have direct contact with Facebook via their own line where they can basically get exactly what they want censored and deleted. State representatives have also had meetings with, for example, Google about censorship on Youtube .


In today's society it becomes increasingly important to be seen on social media. Several associations and companies do not even have websites anymore, but direct all their network presence to these aforementioned network giants. Many citizens no longer spend time with people in the same way as before, but get almost all of their social contact through the social media. In other words, being totally silenced in this world is an effective way for the system not to let the opposition be heard or seen.

It is your damned responsibility to act!
With all the above examples, it is really only scraped on the surface about how the system actively tries to silence citizens, media and organizations with "wrong" opinions. If you want even more examples, you could mention how people involved in the opposition - in whole or in part with the help of the system - get rid of work, hunting weapons, membership in trade unions and tenant associations and how they are harassed by police with daily "routine checks", or for the part through unjustified investigations by the Swedish Tax Agency with a so-called reverse burden of proof. We could mention how SÄPO actively contacts rural housing associations to prevent local rents or how municipalities go in and buy old buildings at an overpriced price to prevent the Resistance movement from establishing itself.

The freedoms of the opposition are more limited for each passing day. Swedish freedom of opinion is dying out. As previously mentioned, it may today largely only affect the Nordic resistance movement and related associations, but you can see how the system is actively working to push the boundaries of, for example, anti-peoples legislation, or how they work with private actors such as the social media giants and banks. which in practice is not limited by any constitution - yes, then you also understand that it is quite obvious that it will hit more and more, until we finally live in a dictatorship whose oppression only the most system-loyal globalists will not feel.

Isn't everything in this article just whining then? Are these lines not written with the world's greatest sacrifice?

No, it is just pure and cutting information that is conveyed. These are facts that hopefully shake you as a reader and urge you to take action. If not for something perhaps more distant as your people's future survival, then at least for the freedom of speech - your freedom of speech - which disappears here and now - right in front of you!


We who are for many years involved in the Nordic resistance movement are hardly surprised by what is happening. We have long understood that their "democracy" was only a disguised dictatorship and that we would only be able to retain our freedoms and rights as long as we did not use these against the globalists and began to bring the people with us. We clearly saw their freedom facade as early as 1945 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed and through the hundreds of thousands of rapes that hit German women in connection with the occupation. We have seen in recent decades how the many victims of multiculturalism have been reduced and scorned - according to the establishment, those who dare and dare to tell about ethnically motivated abuses, robberies and rapes are not victims, but racists, who are to be silenced and fought.


Isn't everything in this article just hypocrisy then? Will the Nordic Resistance Movement prohibit all other opinions when we take power?

No. In a national socialist society, people's freedoms and rights are sacred. Freedom of expression will be extended to today and significantly more and more decision-making referendums will be held on various issues - while giving an authoritarian state the opportunity to make decisions without bureaucratic hassle and parliamentary bickering on the more urgent issues.

It is the system itself that projects its own thoughts and opinions on us - its sworn enemies. When they accuse us of wanting to destroy freedom of speech, it is because it is their own will to silence the people. When they describe us as hate-filled, it is because they themselves are driven by marked hatred of the planet and the people of the world. When they call us violent terrorists, it is to hide the fact that they are today responsible for the majority of all violence and terror in the world. Not only that their claims about us are thus incorrect - they are also hypocritical on a level that is unlike anything else.


Now that you have read this text and understand what is happening, it is time for you to act. Do whatever you think is best - get involved in the Nordic resistance movement if you think it's right - do something else if you believe in it. The most important thing is that you actually do something and not just keep sitting still while the system takes away everything you own and have. Don't give up your rights without a fight. Don't give away your people's future without a fight. Don't let them take your life without resistance!
A new sheriff in town

Of Guest Writer ,2019-12-09
[email protected]

JUDICIAL POWER. Eric Striker at National Justice shows how Jewish financiers are strengthening the anti-white agenda in the US judiciary.

Last month, Michael White was acquitted of "voluntary manslaughter" following the cutting of Sean Schellenger .

White, who is a black man, went ahead and confronted the 37-year-old white man while arguing with another motorist about a traffic incident on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

Witnesses said that White and Schellenger were both ready for fist fights when White ripped open a 30-centimeter knife and stabbed him in the back of the unarmed man. Schellenger though.

The incident was recorded on videotape used by police as evidence to prosecute White for murder.

However, when the two men's respective affiliation became widely known, anti-white activists launched a campaign on social media that, even before the facts of the case had been announced, claimed that White had used his weapon in self-defense. The thing is that Pennsylvania is not a state with "stand your ground" legislation.

The killer Michael White was acquitted. Screenshot from video.

The District Prosecutor, a Jewish lawyer named Larry Krasner , then lowered the charge several times until he ended up on the charge of "voluntary manslaughter," which was to serve White's predictable defense on a silver platter.

No one questioned that White had killed Schellenger with an illegal knife, but instead claimed that the dead witness was "racist," so he deserved to die. None of the many witnesses who were at the scene ever confirmed that Schellenger had blamed White in a racist way.

The defense laid out its strategy so that black jurors would make the decision. When the prosecutor could not prove that White intended to kill Schellenger, White was acquitted.

Larry Krasner is charged with sabotaging his prosecution.

George Soros Prosecutor
Krasner, who once joked that he was too extreme to ever be elected Chief Prosecutor even in a deep blue city [dominated by the Democratic Party / OA] won the election as District Attorney in Philadelphia 2017 after winning with large sums Money financed a much bigger campaign than all his competitors.

Larry Krasner. Photo: Michael Candelori (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Krasner spent almost two million dollars on this little competition. He campaigned against white privilege and "institutional racism" with a plan to legalize a wide range of quality-of-life violations such as emptying the gut on the street, mockery and abusing drugs in public places, as well as reducing the number of prisoners he claims sit largely there because of hatred and narrow-mindedness.

On his own, Krasner would have spent only a few hundred thousand dollars on his long shot campaign, supported by Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King . That is, until George Soros gave him a $ 1.7 million check in what was an astonishing plutocratic intervention in the election.

Large multicultural cities are known to have extremely low turnout in local elections, and this has benefited Krasner. With 59,363 votes in the Democratic primary (the only election that plays any role in Philadelphia), he became the "highest police chief" in a city of 1.6 million.

During his first week in office, Krasner fired 31 prosecutors in his department who he considered were unpolitical.

Other reforms were implemented, such as punishing criminals with the least possible penalties as far as the law allowed, avoiding arranging criminal oversight for criminals, decriminalizing prostitution and most drugs, and even sending criminals guilty of armed crime to Philadelphia's ARD -program. [ Accelerated Rehabilitation Diversion, Accelerated Rehabilitation diversion: First-time offenders, even where firearms have been involved, can escape prison with this program. The offender is usually supervised for a period of one year, pays court costs and may do some community service. If the criminal takes care of this information and does not commit a crime in the meantime, the prosecution is deleted and the crime does not even end up in the criminal record. You can even get the arrest erased from all documents / items.]

Soros spends many millions of dollars each year to lobby for law-abiding white people to take away their weapons, but when black criminals are seized with firearms, Soro's favorites ensure that criminals are put in school desks.

Jewish media allies with Soros and Krasner have welcomed these changes. They claim that critics and crime victims groups are just racists who ignore crime rates.

What is missing from their false data is a simple fact: The police do not care to register the crimes because Krasner's authority will not prosecute them.

But they cannot lie about the number of corpses. During Krasner's first year in service, murders rose by 12 percent during one of the deadliest years since measurements were introduced, in a city that already has high homicide statistics.

In 2019 the murder rate continues to increase. This year is becoming the deadliest year in Philadelphia in more than a decade.

While blacks have been released to kill white people, they receive no protection from other blacks in Soro's anarchotyrannical dystopia.

Only in the last month have a large number of children been shot, or seriously injured, all black and most under the age of ten. Krasner and his legal team have dedicated themselves to avoiding the death penalty for a man convicted of murdering an infant after murdering his parents, without providing any legal justification or providing any evidence to support it, other than they don't want to punish him.

All of this is predictable when you look at the district prosecutor's philosophy regarding prosecution of black gang members. A beneficiary of Krasner's reforms, Ma'alik Jackson-Wallace , was arrested twice in a short time for illegally carrying a concealed firearm, but has nevertheless received conditional judgment under the ARD system, and then been released without bail because of to dismantle the system of sureties. At Jackson-Wallace's third arrest a few months later, he had shot a man at 10:30 in the morning.

A virus that spreads across the country
Soro's money has corrupted the justice system in other cities as well, and more will be. His agenda is to place mainly Jews and non-white women who have been shown to act with anti-hostility to positions of power where it is decided which - and which not - should be put in prison.

Chicago District Prosecutor Kim Foxx , famous for putting all charges against Jussie Smollett [the black gay and actor who staged and funded a torture of himself, allegedly carried out by white Trump supporters / others] in a shocking campaign all, received $ 408,000 from Soros PAC [young: Political Action Committee, lobby group / oa.] for their campaign. Foxx's re-election gets strong funding from Jews: Fred Eyechaner gives her $ 811,000, Michael Sacks throws in $ 212,250 and Michael Rubin contributes $ 105,800 - they seem to like what she does.

In Orlando, Soros stole $ 1.4 million to get Aramis Ayala elected as a prosecutor in a low-budget campaign. Ayla's only interest was to decriminalize violations of quality of life regulations, ensure that blacks and whites have the same crime statistics and protest against Florida's death penalty, which is not a prosecutor's job. After being heavily criticized by Florida's highest court, Ayala will not seek re-election.

In November this year, Soros spent millions of dollars securing the victory for four different prosecutors serving his neoliberal agenda. None of their opponents, including those already in service, had any opportunity to compete for this money. These candidates are so extreme that their Democratic colleagues who lost in the primary elections instead support Republican candidates. In a case brought Steve Descano after the primaries over the post from Ray Morrogh using the 400,000 dollars that Soros had given him. Morrogh, who only had $ 250,000 for his campaign (where no donation exceeded $ 10,000) is now pleading for voters to choose Republican candidate Jonathan Fahey because of the crime wave that comes if they don't elect him.

Even in small towns like the Rochester violence slog, Soros spends big money. The Monroe County Courts are already very soft in the punishment they hand out, though they have a Republican prosecutor. In 2016, a black man murdered three children in a mass shooting at a children's club but failed to prosecute after someone accused one of the prosecutors of being a racist. The criminal Jalen Everett even has a rap song where he boasts about it in the text.

Soros thought he had found a deep hole in Rochester. An overweight black woman with no experience got $ 800,000 from Soros to beat incumbent Republican Prosecutor Sandra Doorley . Doorely was wise enough not to take his ridiculous competitor seriously and made sure the whole campaign was about Soro's dirty money. This helped to gather enough white votes to win a third term.

Of course, Soros is not the only Jew trying to turn white crime victims into appearing guilty racists and driving normal people out of the cities by making the crime skyrocket. There are other types working for this agenda, such as Dustin Moskovitz, who funded Shaun King's Real Justice PAC lobby group, which specializes in buying election campaigns in Texas.

President Donald Trump himself is an accomplice to the new system that replaces violent criminals in prisons with political dissidents. The president chose to create law and order, but instead he signed the First Step law written by his son-in-law, [Jew] Jared Kushner . This is one of the president's few legal achievements, but he refuses to use it in his re-election campaign. [ First Step Act is a federal law by the Jewish newspaper The New York Timeshas been called "the most significant change in the justice system in a generation". The changes mean, among other things, that one can be released from prison much earlier than one is sentenced to, by more generously counting good behavior as a basis for earlier release. You can also enjoy various rehabilitation efforts after the shortened prison stay. Since Trump signed the law on December 21, 2018 and until the end of the summer this year, approximately 4,000 criminals are estimated to have been released through the new rules / o.a.]

A large number of wealthy and powerful people work together to create a system in which a black man can murder a white person, claim that the white person said the "N-word" and get away unpunished. This tactic is already trickling into different parts of society. Soccer player Myles Garrett recently tried to appeal his suspension after abusing quarterback Mason Rudolph by hitting him in the head with his helmet, claiming Rudolph is a racist.

The Africanization of major industrial zones (except in places where Jews live and own property, such as New York) is what Wall Street wants, and in America they get what they want.

This is the missing puzzle piece in Colin Flaherty's Black Crime Puzzle.

[Colin Flaherty has written books Do not Make The Black Kids Angry: The Hoax of black victimization and Those Who enable IT and White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it. Both books are about black gang violence, black violence against whites and how officials, politicians, journalists and activists deny such black crime, apologize for it, have compassion on it and encourage it / the like.]
The article was originally published 2019-11-27 on National Justice . Translated and republished with permission.

"/ Oa" means the translator's remark.
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It's funny how NHS worshippers fail to see that they still want it to remain is because of their own fear. The fear that they will not be able to afford private health care. The laughable notion that these people believe that people way down on the social ladder are getting help today.

I can with complete confidence say they are not being helped today and haven't been for decades. There is a system in the NHS and health care systems like it in other countries where the troubled people are classified with a number 2 at the end of their social security number in their medical record.

This number tells staff that this person cannot be saved or helped and any attempt to do so is a waste of taxers money. Some have learned the hard way that this is true and they have been refused help even if they are tax payers and in some cases have worked for many years or paid tax in other ways.

Like Maggie said socialism is about leaders having no confidence in the individual. You could say we're all in water grabbing each other and that way we will all drown.

A free capitalist system where people can carry their own weight is the only way forward creating progress and wealth for everyone. Individual responsibility where the thinking that something or someone will take care of you if you fail simply does not exist.

Failure and mental disease and alcohol and substance abuse are all the result of socialist dictatorship under the flag of communism. The russian love for vodka was a way to forget the troubles and for the leaders to treat them like native indians were treated when given moonshine.

Workers were paid in alcohol once upon a time. Then drugs took over as the way to make people weak and control them. So called medicine for the body and mind which only controlled the symptoms for a while but never ever cured the disease if there ever was one.

The disease of powerlessness is what is gripping the world and socialism and communism which is the same pretend to have a solution but if they did why is the world looking the way it is today?

© AV
Time to admit - the Swedish people are decadent
Published December 11, 2019 at 8:58 pm
COLUMN. The decadent Swedish people watch as they stagger when their rulers lie uninhibited. They accept both being deceived and the politicians ignoring the will of the people. At some point, the vertebrae disappeared into the spine and only a jelly-like mass remained. You can think about what is most offensive - the fraud of the elite or the inaction of the population, writes Jan Tullberg.

Sweden has committed a large number of failures. There are many costly abuses that many can address and correct. But it is often not done.

Customs must not intervene against theft carried out of Sweden - either police officers who come before the goods are exported or their own police powers are needed. This is easy to arrange if there is the will to solve this easy problem. But everyone involved asks: "Why should I intervene?" Years turn into decades and not even a dramatically increasing criminal activity causes the cultists to spur on and make it clear.

When the labor immigrants were to import relatives, the idea in 2008 was that it would be conditional on a supply obligation. But since the issue of family immigration was already under investigation for other groups, no such rules were introduced, but the restrictions would wait for the investigation. But then it was forgotten and Sweden has had to pay for thousands of relatives unnecessarily.

But what makes a few billions? It's a scandal, but everyone in the establishment wants to put a wet blanket over this blamage like so many others. Labor immigration is unnecessary and politically sensitive which makes their relatives a dangerous issue to puke in. If one has stepped in, it is best to leave an incorrectly laid card. It is important not to annoy colleagues - “passports” look like a wise commandment.

Sweden was previously a fairly well-run society. If something went wrong, there were often unwise and powerful people who intervened. That's not it anymore. One can be surprised at how a learned inability spreads. The culture of fear spreads from the suburbs - it's best to turn your head away and not see. Who wants to be involved?

Swedish politicians lie blatantly that Swedish immigration is at the EU's minimum level and is a small gutter compared to 2015. But since then we have had three record years 2016, 2017, 2018 with even more issued residence permits than 2015. Statistics Sweden and the Migration Board expect continued mass immigration . A decadent people accept the lie. They accept both being deceived and the politicians ignoring the will of the people. At some point, the vertebrae disappeared into the spine and only a jelly-like mass remained. I think jams are a word that gets stuck. How can people accept this? One can ponder what is most offensive, the fraud of the elite or the inaction of the population.

For a time I worked in a communist dictatorship and had a certain understanding that an organized elite can control the disorganized mass. It is difficult to rebel so the fall of communism was unexpected. The regimes were unpopular, but I still saw them as strong and difficult to get rid of. Their weakness was not apparent until the communist counter-coup in Moscow in 1991. From being a strong force, communism had now become completely decadent. Not even the most highly paid professional party gangs believed in the system that paid them so well. There were some preconceptions that made a coup attempt that no general from a US banana republic would see as anything more than a bad joke. Communism had not died of a dangerous disease, it died of a lack of will, a terminal decadence. It was a short house that fell.

During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries did not oppose a strong and united establishment. It had no reform ideas of its own, but agreed to all criticism of the regime for injustice and inability. The question is whether or not the Swedish nation state has ended up in a similarly destructive decadence. A permanent society seems to be held together by a thousand strong beams, but most of it is rotten. A society chances quickly and then what is most surprising is that it did not collapse before.

In the past there was a strong civil society. Churches, unions and sobriety organizations had a number of volunteers lined up. The social activities that they were responsible for have now been taken over by the state power. Swedish state individualism has made everything outside the market and the state thinned out. Charity is reminiscent of Christmas, but is a less important part of society. It is based on favoring someone in a way that gives nothing back but just a certain satisfaction with being regarded as a donor. In the past, solidarity was a popular word. It was collaboration with others to achieve a common collective interest. If some strong and committed started a business, others could hang on. The fire souls had a breakthrough, but smaller efforts were also welcomed.

We still have some habits that are not crowded in the queue, but the question is whether anyone responds to the one who is crowding. A passive public creates a need for security guards in department stores and security guards on the subway. We cannot rely on citizens becoming increasingly passive. Can we rely on state power instead? There are many good reasons to be skeptical of that ability. The police need witnesses, but if they are threatened and the police cannot handle the bus, then the interest to stand up and testify will decrease. We have a number of negative circles in society. Many proudly speak of the "legal society" as if we have a near perfect one. But its inability is striking when 12 percent of the crimes are cleared and fraud of less than SEK 5,000 is closed down immediately without investigation.

The politicians are not doing better. They raise the maximum penalty for trying to show power, but it is not a change that will have an impact. The politicians decided that criminal immigrants should be expelled. The justice system has bizarrely ignored this and the politicians accept this disobedience. No chain is stronger than its weakest link and the right chain consists of a series of weak links. Each of these risks being demotivated and becoming even weaker. The play "the good man in Sezuan" addresses the difficulties that affect the person who seeks to act a little better than his more corrupt environment. Sweden risks a number of negative spirals. Politicians do not seem to understand the explosive power of a question like "What the hell am I getting for the money?" The politicians are shoveling money on shoddy projects and building hospitals with the same vigor as Egypt's pharaohs built pyramids. Unemployed immigrants dominate the cityscape in more and more places. Decadence stares at us, and many dare not look back.

Sweden has an inept elite who lacks the ability to organize society. Most things get worse: school, care, crime. The Swede has no natural communities that can be mobilized for action outside the network. There, a dissatisfaction can be vented which the establishment fears and therefore seeks to limit. But what else do they do? The hopes appear to be a climatic hysteria that follows religious models: Citizens are urged to narrow their problems and engage in therapy activities against the approaching climate apocalypse. It is not constructive but removes focus on all current issues.

The problem is that Sweden became too small for our politicians. They did not want to joke at the people's home for the Swedes. They wanted to shut down Sweden and paint the new Sweden image, a cosmopolitan territory for the future. That creation would give glory and fame and other foreign leadership groups would give standing ovations. I think they are a little disappointed; they certainly wanted to keep pace with the rhetoric of the time. There is no worthy group they do not want to protect.

Sweden is not only affected by a recession which happened in the past, but society is much more fragile now. We have a feminist foreign policy, whatever it is. We have a Social Democratic government that will implement a center-party policy. We have poor and deceived municipalities that grumble over migrant costs that have been described as "skills rain". The initiative to protect the Swedes from some hostile imams ended with the authorities instead deciding to protect the imams from their Muslim homelands. The Swedish leadership has written on so many unthinkable rights documents that they can do nothing of interest. Donald Trump has an exciting slogan: "Drain the swamp!" By this is not meant a pleasant peat bog, but the viscous mass of incompetent power holders who are unable to solve problems and themselves constitute an acute problem. Previously, in Sweden, we talked about a "learned helplessness" for some excluded groups. In a decadent society, learned helplessness in the leadership layer becomes a far more extensive problem.


Jan Tullberg is a writer and associate professor of business administration. He is the author of the book Låsningen: An Analysis of Swedish Immigration Policy which came out in 2014. More texts by Tullberg can be found on his website.
The riots in Trollhättan in Sweden where immigrants have been attacking the police for several nights in a row is tomorrow the scene for Joakim Lamotte's latest online broadcast where he will ask the people who live there how they feel about it.

The jewish journalist Robert Aschberg who has tried to silence Lamotte by attacking his wife at her job by making calls to her has been invited to join Lamotte to finally see Sweden as it is.

Thursday 18:30 local time Lamotte will be in the ghetto of Kronogården in Trollhättan for what promises to be another epic live broadcast on his Facebook account.

Lamotte's last broadcast was a month ago from Gothenburg:

The riots in Trollhättan in Sweden where immigrants have been attacking the police for several nights in a row is tomorrow the scene for Joakim Lamotte's latest online broadcast where he will ask the people who live there how they feel about it.

The jewish journalist Robert Aschberg who has tried to silence Lamotte by attacking his wife at her job by making calls to her has been invited to join Lamotte to finally see Sweden as it is.

Thursday 18:30 local time Lamotte will be in the ghetto of Kronogården in Trollhättan for what promises to be another epic live broadcast on his Facebook account.

Lamotte's last broadcast was a month ago from Gothenburg:

His visit today ended in chaos with him and the police getting beaten and his equipment stolen after the worst verbal abuse I have ever heard.

Sweden is not surprised or shocked but outraged at the fact that the police can no longer defend themselves and seem scared.

Video from the chaos:

Aschberg would not have the balls to turn up and do what Lamotte is doing.
His visit today ended in chaos with him and the police getting beaten and his equipment stolen after the worst verbal abuse I have ever heard.

Sweden is not surprised or shocked but outraged at the fact that the police can no longer defend themselves and seem scared.

Video from the chaos:

Aschberg would not have the balls to turn up and do what Lamotte is doing.

You were defending them so get on with it and stop whinging. You hate lefties, you hate righties. Can't have both.
You were defending them so get on with it and stop whinging. You hate lefties, you hate righties. Can't have both.

I hate no one!

Presenting reality as it is has nothing to do with whinging. Some people deserve what they get from voting and living the way they do.

You just don't get the core issue here.
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