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    The swedish crown princess Victoria converted to islam while in Bosnia on a state visit.

    The swedish flag with a christian cross will be replaced in 2021 according to latest gossip from the corridors of power. The new swedish flag will be green but may come with some kind of symbol on it.
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    American sports are in free fall as the interest in their sports is in a major decline because of politics and the fact that Trymp voters are boycotting the various national sports.

    NHL are desperate and now have to fly their teams around the world to play before big crowds abroad like tonight when Tampa and Buffalo play a game in the Globe in Stockholm

    Americans have abandoned their traditional sports for english football instead where american and canadian tv channels are going all in and broadcasting mammoth shows to promote english football.

    Tampa Bay versus Buffalo live from Sweden:

    American and canadian hockey has always been made up of swedes anyway that gave the game some glory and sparkle.
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    On the news in Sweden they said a frantic young woman was trying to put the Berlin wall together again to live out her socialist/communist dream again that was shattered in her youth.

    The description matched that of Lanterns.
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    Apr 14, 2019
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    Her appearance on his show is still a classic. Kesha without any cash.
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    Football that americans call soccer will become the biggest sport in USA as the champions league final will be played in USA in 2024.

    America has always embraced the new so naturally football/soccer will be the number one sport there. It is time americans invented some football hooligans.

    Famous american football songs like:

    "My burger is bigger than yours"

    "You're just a cheap Dr. Pepper"

    "Is that all the takeaway you can eat"

    "You're not eating anymore"
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    Feb 16, 2016
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    chin like a Canadian tree!
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    Is that all you takeaway!
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    Yeah Pilla hates her for it and she is ugly as sin the crown princess. Not any resemblance to her parents so the queen fucked some employee at the castle. She puts her chin forward trying to look like Moz and his underbite and many swedish comedians have made fun of her imitating it.
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    My main take away from my furious battle with Urbanus yesterday was his statement "I bet you even believe in migraines" which was such an insult because if anyone believes in migraines here it's @The Truth.

    And when he gets into a car to drive somewhere he probably thinks it's the car that's moving when in fact it's the world that moves and the car stays still.

    And I bet he believes in aeroplanes even though they're submarines because when you think you're looking up you're actually looking down because the world is upside down and the sky is the ocean. It's there right under your nose and you still can't see it can ya?

    It's clear that no one here is in possession of the facts and you're all in a zombified state and you'll sleepwalk into converting to Islam soon and not even realise it and you can't say I didn't warn you.

    You probably all believe in sleepwalking too and sleeping and walking even though none of them exist because when you think you're sleeping it's the world that shuts down and when you think you're walking it's the ground that moves. But none of you are willing to learn and that's why it will be so easy for you to be conquered but I'll be hiding out in Tenerife by then watching the world burn which isn't to say that fire exists but that's another story.

    This post doesn't exist either because language doesn't exist. What you thought you just read was all in your mind and you're crazy for imagining those things. All of you get help!
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    Jan 15, 2019
    Remember the other day when I said you were fragile? This is the proof.

    Too bad for you those #FullMeltdown posts you made do exist. "I will stand on your neck victoriously!" :lbf::lbf::lbf:


    :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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    Feb 16, 2016
    the woods
    she's quite beautiful, it's just her chin is a bit shocking. but with an elegant neck and shoulders like that she can pull it off. tell pilla to suck it, she don't know shit.
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    You're a master at turning things on its head. Victoria is a very boring and bland person without any personality. One of the most ugliest women on this planet.

    As for Pilla she never sucks it cause away from USA and Canada women don't stoop that low unless it is their job.
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    Migraines come from lack of Q10. You just lack IQ.

    Both of them can generate a lot of pain.
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    Spinster is dead and Rifke won't like this at all because of who is behind it.

    Emma Watson comes out as a sologamist
    Of Erik Forsell ,2019-11-09
    [email protected]

    CULTURE Marxism. Emma Watson's feminism develops according to her biological clock. Before the age of 30, she has declared her partnership - with herself.

    It's time for Emma Watson, according to her own tattoo. Image:

    Actress Emma Watson is most famous for her efforts as a child actress in the popular Harry Potter films. This week she revealed her new love relationship - with herself.

    Watson has for several years been committed to women's issues. In 2014, she became an outward face for feminism's global struggle when, within the United Nations, she launched her gender equality organization HeForShe.

    Many commentators have suggested that her feminist struggle was ignited after growing up in the women-and-girls-oppressive Hollywood that was her second, or even first, home during childhood.

    Among other things, she spent a great deal of time with the Jewish pedophile, film producer and member of the sex cult Nxivm Harvey Weinstein , who later went bankrupt after media drives against his sexual abuse behavior towards female actors.

    During the Weinstein scandal, on January 1, 2018, the organization Time's Up was formed to counteract sexual harassment in workplaces, and Watson obtained an incorrectly written tattoo to launch it. Possibly it was just a temporary painted "tattoo": " Times Up ".

    Time is out (for the sex offenses), was the message. Unfortunately, she missed the genitive form of the organization's name, which is why the tattoo rather means "It's over with (The Daily) The Times ".

    Women's liberation and individualism lead to solipsism
    Barbara McCarthy writes for Russian RT that Watson, by being together with himself in a predictable way, expresses the female part of the middle class's anxiety by embracing loneliness.

    For it is not enough with over 30 "sex", pride for their sexual deviance or perversions, over their obesity or "oppressed" social position - all to further feed the increasingly inflated ego individualists carry without meeting resistance from a collective group.

    The perverted old man Harvey Weinstein kept taking on Emma Watson.

    Instead, more and more nouns are needed to describe our narcissism, McCarthy writes. Like, like Watson, saying that you are in a "self-relationship".

    Therefore, the alleged "pride" of being alone grows ever greater; as long as one does not admit to being single, because it is still seen as a failure even for the self-sufficient. Even though we are alone, we want to get confirmation from someone else, if only from one.

    Emma Watson's social-political transformation follows her biological clock as surely as anyone else's. After telling the British newspaper The Guardian in 2014 that she was expectant of her aging process, she now says that "there is" a lot of anxiety about being 30 years old, if one has not established a home, a husband and if you don't have a baby.

    Women's Power and Sologamism
    For Watson, Barbara McCarthy believes, it is important to set the pulse on the prevailing narrative that reads "women do not need men." For the personal value of ambiguity always to be denied in favor of "women's power" and "liberation".

    By being with himself, Watson has found an apparent solution to his problem of approaching the final phase of his life as a fertile woman.

    Therefore, it is consistent for Watson to now be with himself instead of with a man, or even another woman.

    That's exactly what Sophie Tanner , a digital communications consultant in Brighton, did: She went all the way with her partnership with herself and came out as a "sologam". As a sologam, in 2015 she simply married herself. She announced that people were "extremely supportive" and took the marriage case "seriously."

    Barbara McCarthy points out that Watson has now coined the new term "self-partnership" which means her future is single. The question is, McCarthy writes, why it needs to be done. If you are so happy to be alone, why do you have to name the phenomenon? Would men do it?

    McCarthy's rhetorical question suggests that "single pride" as much as "fat pride" or "gay pride" is an expression of the opposite; that you want to be normal. That singles would rather have love relationships with others besides themselves - as much as obese women who say they are proud of their obesity would rather want to be normal, and homosexuals who emphatically trumpet their pride over their oblivion would have really wanted to be normal .

    Therefore, Watson's and Tanner's publicly announced Sologamism may instead be a kind of reverse personals, calling for help to get a real partner: "Please, see me; find me, anyone! "

    But those who are blinded by their ego may find it difficult to be found and live a life of love. For more important than finding the right one is to be the right one for someone else.
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    Jan 15, 2019
    This is so ignorant. "There is no such thing in life as normal." When this person writes "normal" they really mean "the default setting." If I am in parts of Los Angeles it's "normal" to be thin and beautiful. If I'm in other parts it's "normal" to be "average." In some places it's "normal" to be homosexual and in other places, less so. In some places it's dangerous and considered abnormal.
    But to use a statistical term like "normal" when it's not really accurate statistically just shows a lot of stupidity. The perception of the United States to the rest of the world seems to be that it's "normal" to be overweight. based on medical ideals.
    I think instead of "normal" it might be better to look at what is healthy. There are people who are always in a relationship. As soon as one ends another begins. Is that "normal" or "healthy?" Who knows, right? Depends on the individual. A lot of relationships seems like way more trouble than they are worth. Maybe some of these people need to be in a relationship for healthy reasons and others need to be in a relationship for unhealthy reasons.
    Emma Watson could go from A-list actor to A-list actor to executive to rock star, etc, etc, forever if she wanted to, and that's probably why the person that wrote this is affected by her decision. She could have pretty much anyone she wants and so in saying she doesn't want anyone she is issuing a sort of challenge to those who don't have the same options she does. So they have to think there is something wrong with her.
    The real issue is "who cares?" Next month she might be engaged or this could go on forever. But why does anyone care? Did the writer think that they had a chance with her and now feel personally rejected? She's a young woman who has been through a lot of experiences and if she wants to focus on herself that's her right. I am not sure why she is telling everyone, but her life seems to be part of the public conversation so maybe she just thought she would put that information out there. Or maybe she really does want attention. A movie star who wants attention? I'm shocked!
    Still, the point is the person that wrote this article needs to fuck off.
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    Are you a male spinster who loved the term spinster a bit too much?

    Love to see you triggered again. Yes there is normal but it is under attack everywhere. It is normal to live with someone and love someone and have sex a lot. It is not normal to isolate yourself with cats.

    It is normal to choose to be alone for a while or rather self espcially when young not knowing who you are but over 30 people like that stick out like a sore thumb.

    When do you think you will found someone?

    I was a late bloomer myself and that was out of choice but I believe it is normal for the body and mind to crave someone else when you reach a certain age.

    The swedish nazis are first on the ball as always and the article will trigger many like you. The article represents the new nazis that some believe are thick and stupid but of all the things I have read and studied these people are above everyone else as intellectuals.

    Doesn't mean I agree with everything but they sure have an eye on the important things from a new perspective that keeps on triggering lefties although nazis of course are lefties as well.
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    You reason a bit like the cousin of a colleague me and Rolf worked with at Volvo. I told Rolf once that Sweden is the number one country in the world when it comes to single households. The cousin was told this by Rolf and him and Rolf are eternal single men and the cousin was triggered defending his lifestyle with things like "that's only what the statistics show" and so on missing the point entirely.
    You reason a bit like him as it comes to close to home. You feel pointed at and seen as a failure but why would you go mad if you loved the way you live or if you chose it.
    If there is one thing I have learned about humans it is that they want to be seen as normal and be and live like everyone else.
    Yes, there is something wrong with Emma and people like her but at least her excuse is money and fame that makes the range of selection smaller. For a man in her position he would be able to get anyone.
    Women are psychopaths cause of the clash between male and female hormones. Misogony should be used as a way to treat women and make them live the right way cause there is only one way to live over a certain age.
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    I used google translate so it states himself instead of herself.
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    A canadian about Sweden and Greta:

    I once thought all canadian youths were taking drugs and shit in isolated places.

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