It’s Been 30 Years Since The Smiths Broke Up, And Fans Still Love Them - The Federalist

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    It’s Been 30 Years Since The Smiths Broke Up, And Fans Still Love Them - The Federalist.
    By Christopher J. Scalia.

    The indie-rock band's greatness extended beyond controversial moroseness into an abundance of humor, literary inspiration, and musicality in its songs.

    "As U2 continues its tour celebrating the 1987 release of “The Joshua Tree,” I can’t help but think that lovers of 80s rock should be turning their attention to another significant 30th anniversary: when four lads from Northern England—one of the most important and beloved bands of their generation, led by a remarkable songwriting duo—decided to go their separate ways without even the courtesy of a farewell tour.
    I’m referring, of course, to The Smiths, who dissolved gradually over the summer of 1987, making it official in early August."

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      Quando quando quando
      Thanks for sharing FWD.
      But, O gawd. Yawn.
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      From a right-wing shitrag....great
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      I was trying to avoid saying how much I hate this paper. Guess I didn't succeed

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