Israel (Tel Aviv, Caesarea) ticket info, on sale now

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By davidt on Jun 27, 2016 at 3:28 PM
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    Guy sends the link:

    Morrissey Tickets / Israel (English) - Eventim

    Tel Aviv:
    Heichal Hatarbut tel-aviv Mon, 8/22/16
    8:30 PM hrs

    Caesarea amphitheater Wed, 8/24/16
    8:30 PM hrs


    vcd posted the tickets link in Hebrew which includes a video promo (original post):

    UPDATE 6:15 PM PT:

    Link from Mike:

    ‘King of Mope’ Morrissey returns to Israel for two August concerts - The Jerusalem Post
    During his previous visit to Israel, in 2012, Morrissey was given the key to Tel Aviv by Mayor Ron Huldai and promised to represent the city in the world.
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 27, 2016.

    1. gordyboy9
      if my face was on a wall I would be telling everybody and there granny about it,too right.ignore the anonymous testicles above.
    2. marred
      What a great clip!
    3. Anonymous
      If Moz had any credibility or concern for humanity he would have told them where to stick that key! Free Palestine!
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    4. Anonymous
      Of course, the baby seals are more precious than the humans.:mapleleaf:
    5. Anonymous
      Quite right. He's an awful hypocrite
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    6. countthree
      People from Israel are humans, too.
    7. Anonymous
      The people are finally waking up to Steven. His tombstone shall read as follows " Here 'lies' (no pun intended ) Silly Steven the CrankFraud.
      The microphone will NEVER be his tombstone ! How can it ? In his solo years he's either bored us to death with his golden oldies or expects us to believe everything he writes is Numro uno but held back by the music industry big wigs !
      Steven ! We all know you have issues ( yes the 'A 'word ) but ffs if you wanna go out on a high sack the lot of the Lawnmowers and write some decent songs, otherwise shut the front door.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    8. Anonymous
      Ban this guy. I have half a dozen friends who have sworn off solo because of this asshole. I'm next. Ban him. Rumor has it that someone strongly connected with this site is Benny and that's the only reason he's still here. You're embarrassing yourselves.
    9. Anonymous
      Indeed, but if Morrissey was consistent with his values then he wouldn't play Israel. But then there would probably be allot of countries he couldn't play so where do you draw the line?

      You could start by not punishing the Canadian fans who he knows do not support the slaughter of baby seals. The same way he knows not all Israelis support the slaughter and repression of the indigenous Palestinians. But alas, he is not consistent and he is cherry picking what battles to support and which to ignore.
    10. Anonymous
      Morrissey is at least well informed on the Canadian seals situation and on the situation in Israel.

      Throwing shit like "slaughter of the indigenous Palestinians", like we're talking about a native people, like the Aboriginis in Australia, or native Indians in America, when we're talking about Arabs who came from neighboring countries to work for the Jewish people, who came to build a homeland, and saw that life was good and stayed. What slaughter are you talking about? when once there were 600,000 so-called Palestinians Arabs, now there are 5 million and another 2 million living in Israel, as citizens. If at all Israel helped them live a better life, with medicine, power and food. Slaughter is what is happening in Syria, where 300,000 people were killed in just a few years.
      Morrissey at least knows the fact and is not fed by propaganda, like the one defending the rotten establishment of the Queen and Royal Family.
    11. countthree
      The line is personal. It's Morrissey's line. Take it or leave it. Of course he picks his battles, he isn't a god. We all pick our battles, don't we?
    12. Anonymous
      What slaughter am I talking about? There are too many of them to note! They usually occur every few years under the guise of a brave 'operation' to stamp out the terrorists who send fire crackers toward the iron dome! Although sometimes they are not veiled but rather flagrant. Take for example 'operation cast lead' which leaves no doubt in the mind of it's mission- collection punishment of a people who are effectively at the mercy of their occupier.

      When we speak about attrocities such as those openly committed by the IDF and what is continuously happening in Syria, it is not a pissing contest. In under two months of conflict in Gaza, the lives of just under 500 children were claimed. Is this not a slaughter? Is it not a slaughter when four children kicking a football on the beach are shelled to death?

      The world is sick to death of hearing the usual Israeli party lines of "human shields" and "Arabs live comfortably here". Morrissey like the rest of the world knows the facts, but in his usual selective manner, he ignores them. Morally inconsistent
    13. Anonymous
      As someone who tries to be morally consistent, I'll leave it thanks.

      Morrissey can go ahead and perform for the people of Israel to whom are not all represented by it's government. Much like he does for his fans in the United States. But he has made himself look very silly with regards to Canada. Is he working off of a scale of evil? Why is killing an animal for it's meat worse than killing an animal for it's fur? His viewpoint clearly suggests there is none but his actions...well....
    14. Anonymous
      War is the same thing as slaughter? I didn't know this was the accepted definition.
      You can't start a war and then claim it's not fair that you're losing, which the "Palestinian" Arabs constantly do, sacrificing their civilians.

      1,000 people were killed and thousands wounded by Arab suicide bombers in Israel during the years 2000-2004. Terrorism is cowardly and targets civilians or those protecting them, it's a dirty fight.

      If it's not a pissing contest, why throw numbers into the air?
      The numbers put things in perspective, in warfare there is collateral damage, in a slaughter like in Syria there's no discerning between civilians and combatants and the civilian casualties are in hundred thousands, not hundreds.
      Claiming that because the attacks from Gaza are not as effective in killing Israeli citizens, doesn't mean they are not threats.
      You should ask yourself who sends children to play outside when there's a war going on outside.
      No normal mother would.
      Which means it never happened, but you are fed propaganda all the time by the so-called Palestinians.
      Because the people in Israel are mostly normal, they don't send their children playing outside when "crackers", as you refer to them, come flying in. These attacks disrupt normal lives and no country in the world would stand for them. The children of Israel grew up with PTSD.
      What exactly is the motive for these attacks? Did anyone attack Gaza? What are they fighting for? being able to smuggle better and more lethal weapons in? Even the Egyptians don't want to let them into Egypt.
      Once you put a blind eye to terror, it's only a matter of time till it gets you at home. Israel is just at the forefront.
      The world is sick of Jews in general, we saw that in the second world war when no one stood by their side while they were shipped into the concentration camps, that probably won't change, but don't try to rationalize this hate. Colonial Europe ruined Africa, millions were really slaughtered in Rhonda, Cambodia and a quarter of a million in Syria, there are active concentration camps in North Korea, but Israel is the source of all evil and the Arabs deserve another state, because they can't get along in the 22 states that they already have in the world.
    15. Anonymous
      There are valid points above and for the record I do not regard Israel as the center of all evil. However, I will not excuse their crimes. Crimes they are. Unless Amnesty International and other agencies are simply part of the conspiracy against the jews. And of course it's not about the jews because zionism does not equate to judaism. But never the less this is used time and time again to swat away the least bit of criticism of Israel. If you do not support Israel you are automatically antisemetic.

      Instead of pointing out the ubsurdity of sophisticated Israeli fighter jets (Thanks America!) 'mistaking' four little boys for hardy terrorists you insinuate their mothers are somehow to blame! unbelievable!

      Hamas do not get a free pass, nor do the lunatics that carry out acts of terrorism in Israel against innocent civilians. But as you well know, the timer did not start yesterday. The roots of terrorism can be easily traced as long as we are willing to do so honestly and not make our own adustments to the historical record along the way.

      Sadly for it's people, Israel is the biggest threat to itself. It has become a rabid dog consumed with hate and it is biting in all directions. Vigilantism is rife and more and more people are taking the law in to their own hands. Racism seems to be encouraged, and the brainwashing begines very young right up until conscirption when you get a taste of what it's like to be represent the Israeli Offence Force.

      We are on two sides of the fence and not likely to find much common ground so I will leave it at that. You can say I've been bought by propoganda but then I could say the same for you. In any case, if you live in Israel then I genuinely wish you peace and well being.
    16. Anonymous
      The problem with your post is that you offer no solution.

      I agree that Israel is not in an ideal geographic spot in the world and this has come about because of the world powers at the time, that never had the Jewish people's best interests in mind. The Jewish people should have received a large part of Germany , or another part in Europe, as their homeland. Rather than the Jewish Ghetto that was created in the midst of the Arab states, in the hope that the Arabs would finish what the Germans and other Europeans started.
      America as a supposedly "good friend", should not give jets that are useless against today's threats like terrorism and are only really given to keep its weapon industry alive. Instead it should offer an American green card to any Israeli citizen who wishes to have one. They are talking about giving 5 million Mexicans amnesty, but they can't accept a couple of millions of Jews?
      Currently the US requires Israelis to obtain a visa to enter the States, if only just for tourism. That's not a true friend.
      There are those in Israel too that don't want Israelis to have this option available. There are too many that prosper in the current state of affairs. The military in Israel enjoys huge amounts of money thrown at it, while the young soldiers are drafted and serve for free. Everyone that works in government has an interest to keep the simple citizen at their mercy.
      It's the same with the Palestinians. An invention. People who are used by the Arabs to keep a problem alive. They are the only refugees that can pass along this status to their children and grandchildren. There are more so-called Palestinians refugees today, than they were when Israel was established. Jordan has a majority of Palestinian population and still their brothers are kept in the ghetto in Gaza.
      A lot of people profit from the existence UNWRA The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees for 65+ years. As you yourself show, Amnesty International and other agencies also have an interest in keep inflaming the situation, as Islamic Radicals have fertile ground to excuse a struggle.

      Again, the terrorist entity in Gaza stages and invents fatality figures, people who die from natural causes, children with cancer, are counted as war fatalities, armed combatants are counted as citizens. The four children on the beach were probably sent there on purpose. I don't think you would send your children to the beach in wartime.
      Mistakes happen in wartime, but there are a lot of staged events were it was later discovered the child did not actually die. It's hard for someone who doesn't know the mindset to understand. The Palestinians are known to have sent children to throw stones and Molotov cocktails. Only recently 12 and 13 year old children stabbed civilians in Jerusalem. It's hard for people outside of the situation to accept that things that might not be acceptable to them, are acceptable to others.
      Usually, when there are mixed ethnic populations with a different way of life it never works out.
      Europe is slowly beginning to learn this with the Muslim population it has embraced, that simply doesn't want to align itself with the European way of life and standards.
      A war breaks out and the winning side expels the losing side. It happened in Europe and now it happens in Iraq and Syria. It's not about race, it's about how someone else believes in, or thinks, something different than you.
    17. countthree
      I can't speak for Morrissey, but I suppose he felt extremely touched by the killing of those defenseless baby seals. All murders are terrible, but the murder of a neonate for aestethic reasons, to use its fur as ornament, could be considered even more cruel and unfair than a murder for its meat. Neither you nor me could decide what kind of deeds hurt the sensitivity of another man. You can judge the behavior of a man, not his feelings.
    18. Anonymous
      Well then he should not tour Australia for their suede Ugg boots made from baby lambs. Hypocrite.
    19. Anonymous
      Just for the record - I'm Israeli, (defined as jewish; personally I don't consider myself as belonging to any religion) born and lived here my whole life, and you are 100% correct. The hate, racism, brainwashing from age 0, the automatic "antisemitics!" thrown at every piece of criticism... it's despairing.

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