Official Facebook Israel 2023 dates and venues confirmed (Binyamina-Giv'at Ada July 2 and Tel Aviv July 4, 2023)

July Israel dates posted on Morrissey official Facebook.

Sun 2 | Israel, Binyamina-Giv'at Ada | Zappa Amphiteater Shuni - Park Shuni
Tue 4 | Israel, Tel Aviv | Bitan

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Frank's 'look' says it all. The guy meant business. Though sometimes it was FUNNY business, and sometimes it was NONE of your business.

Let's have some babies!!!! :D
looks like theres not much interest in the israel shows,oy vey.
After several tries, Morrissey confirms two July shows in Israel
The singer and fan of Israel returns seven years after his last performance, with previous attempts thwarted by the COVID

Can only hope Moz sings Israel.
It be a heck of a moment.
I'd say it's unlikley based on recent form. He deliberately didn't do 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' in Paris despite doing two shows there, but waited until he got to Strasbourg a couple of days later. So he'll probably play something like 'Istanbul' in Israel, then wait to do 'Israel' on the UK tour.
Still remember when Low In High School came out and hearin'
Israel for the first time.
What an experience.
I’m delighted to hear that, yes I had a similar breathtaking experience.

‘The sky is dark
For many others
They want it dark
For you as well’.

It’s Nietzsche in a nutshell.
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