Is "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" Morrissey's best solo album



Ok I know theres a thread saying this is his worst album but really that is just ridicolus. Discounting the Smiths period I really think this is a contender for possibly his best.... I think its definately top three....only time will tell if its his best only living with an album over time is the true test of quality
When I first heard World Peace it was obvious that this was Mozs most diverse, musically adventurous and a return lyrically bar a few misses. My memory of that first listen through is telling....after pretty much every song my response was I need to listen to that again...then the next one same thing etc....hopefully you get the point.
You really have to give credit to Moz for this album.....after the Janice Long sesssion that had 1 good song (Action), two mediocre at best songs and without a record deal things were not looking good.....and after getting a deal, announcing and recording 18 songs of such quality in just a few months was an amazing achievement.
In the old days (which I miss) Harvest could've and should've released 3 singles with killer b-sides but they didnt and instead they released the 18 track album that all Moz fans will consider relative to all past releases....18 tracks is a lot to keep the quality high on but I think he almost pulled it off.....Drag The River was my initial highlight on first listen which wouldve been a b-side...then it was Staircase.....most radio friendly "potential" single since FOTGTD, Kiss Me grew and grew on me...I always loved the poppiness of Bullfighter, the musicallity on Earth, intensity of Man, curiosity of Forgive,.....I could go on....the only song thats a bit stodgy is World Peace itself
After a number of months living with this album I stll find this no 1 on my playlist and cant wait to hear the songs live in Dublin....cant remember the last Moz album had that affection after 3-4 months...possibly Arsenal, Viva or is it his best ...possibly...his worst defiantly not....time will tell.
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