Is this ice-cream QID poster authentic?


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I've lurked this forum for a year, but decided to register this morning to ask your help. I own the green-tinted QID tour poster with the "Sold Out" blocks over the tour dates. I also own a few of the QID tour subway posters with the venues at the bottom.

When this poster was listed, I jumped at it. It's the red QID variant without "Sold Out" written over the dates. It's cataloged on another 'site--which lists the dimensions of the piece.

The poster arrived yesterday. The dimensions are accurate. It's definitely not the cheap eBay reprint. However, there's something about it that smacks of a low-quality enlargement. For example, the lettering of the venue-names appears less than distinct--in some places it's blob-like.

Has anyone ever seen this poster in person? Can they comment on this piece's authenticity? I've never seen another on the Internet, so I don't think it's a one-off fake. Theoretically it could be a large photocopy, but that doesn't seem probable either. Any help would be appreciated.

I've uploaded everything to Imgur:

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