Is that you on avatar ?

Sandy_Jay_1111 ☯️

Indigo_Starseed 🔮
If not you on avatar if not M who is it and why did you choose it? (mine because I'm so real/ blunt but wacky oh yes very 😀

You guys are scared to show yourselves ok 👍🏼
yes that's me same pic as my FaKebook 🥴
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I’ve been curious about this myself actually - the reason people choose to stay incognito instead of sharing themselves with others (perhaps, to feel more free when expressing their opinion).

But then again, I’ve done it too, my avatar being an image of a library (a random one but very similar to the one I visit regularly) - a place where I feel the safest (however pretentious it might sound).
Are some ashamed to admit to loving Moz 🤔😫😀
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