Is Morrissey racist?

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Let them think what they want, they were just makin' a funny.
Unless they're getting paid for funnymaking, I doubt anyone really cares about the basis of their funnymaking.


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Re: Is

Oh dear. Seems like you had the solo hit squad out on you. Junior member i see, but from 2006! Wowzer :) We learn what questions to ask or not ask here that wont get these kind of replys. i knew as soon as i read this title you weren't gonna get a great response :-/ Just a quick list to give you in case you make any furthur mistakes. Try avoid questions to do with;

Morrissey + gayness
Morrissey + racist ... ness

and any queastion that may have possibly been answered before.

Also try not to show any individuality what-so-ever. That's frowned upon here too :p

For what it's worth though, i think Morrissey is a nazi, homosexual, carrot munching, psycopath.

love dom x x
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Yes, he is such a racist that he decided that The Smiths final gig would be to raise funds to fight Aparthied in South Africa.

He is such a racist that he sang in 'Mexico' ''If you're rich and you're white, you think it's alright, I just can't see why, this should be so''

And he is such a Nazi that in 'America You Are Not The World' he sings ''where the President is never black, female or gay, and until that day, you have nothing to say to me''

Jukebox Jury


Is it because he has no black friends?...that you think this?(surely not the dubious NME article:eek:) that reasoning he may be sexist because there are no obvious women in his life (avoiding the gay yawn issue)

He could be racist.Who truly knows.If he is it is his own business.Its misguided to be racist but not illegal.


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I can't believe this! i'm no longer his fan!

Morrissey should be hung up with the roughest rope (and i should keep his body ahaha how psycho!)

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