Is Morrissey "high maintenance"?

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In the Pitchfork interview Morrissey says in reply to a question expecting labels to come to him, "There's not much I can do about it. Once it becomes public that you aren't signed, you assume that anyone who wants you will come and get you. "

Is Morrissey choicy, and only wanting "big" labels who will cater to him.
Aren't there a lot of small labels that would like to have him in to promote their label, but perhaps don't have the big bank account to fulfill all his wants?
Does he expect the label to cover all the recording and producing expenses and the album promotion and take the loss when he doesn't sell well, while he sits well with upfront money?

What reason would he have for not signing with the hypothetical small label?

I have no experience or knowledge of the "business", just inquiring.


I don't know that I see him as high maintenance, per se; at least, not where this issue is concerned.

More to the point I think he has standards, personal standards he has set for himself and his objectives. I don't think he expects other artists to adhere to these standards necessarily, but as for his own journey I don't think he even considers the idea of settling for less than what he feels he deserves.

So much has changed in the culture and in the industry since the first Smiths record came out 28 years ago. I know that many people could see him as obstinate or even delusional where his current expectations are concerned, but I really respect that he does not settle, does not compromise, and still lives in a world where it is perpetually 1973.

I, for one, would rather wait a little longer for the new album, if waiting means that when it does come out it will be presented his way. I'm sure the wait will be worth it. I'm glad that he doesn't go the easy, modern way and kowtow to the trends...even though if he did, we might get the record sooner.

Morrissey in the 21st century is exciting and reassuring.

The 21st century in Morrissey, however, would be a travesty.


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I was speaking with someone very senior in the music industry who works quite a bit with Morrissey. I had better not name him. When I asked him how we was to deal with he just rolled his eyes and said "an absolute pain in the arse".

Life would be boring without the odd pain in the arse though. Wouldn't it?


Not 'high-maintenance' so much as 'extremely picky'. Which I can understand to an extent, probably because I'd be much the same in his position (and know what it's like to be "a pain in the arse" :D).
Yeah, I think my parents would say the same about me. They call me a 'perfectionist.' :D

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The fact that labels still can make money out of him BUT still won't touch him, for the second time in his career tells you all you need to know really.
Yes, he is a perfectionist,yes he has goals BUT so are a number of other people in that industry, who seem to have no trouble staying and getting other labels. The problem with Moz is he will only play the game so far (though he would like to think he doesn't play it at all).
Also, he seems OCD and somewhat bi polar (at worst) mood swings at best. Not to mention he seems to be heading toward alcoholism at a rapid speed..he seems to have to have a drink for every occasion
I thinks moz still looks good BUT he really should be in better shape than he is..
Just my 50ps worth

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from Boz Boorer's website (
"Boz Boorer - The Engineer
Boorer worked as a music studio engineer for The Shillelagh Sisters ('83 - '84) and joined the Chrysalis organization as a studio engineer in 1984. In 1991 he joined Morrissey's band as musical director and besides is gaining writing credits. Martin James Boorer runs his own label NV Records, and the House of Boz Recording Studio, his private music studio."

So even Boz won't sign Morrissey.


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Do you know what type of things he is "picky" about?
Obviously I don't know, but from things he's said recently he seems to be quite picky about which labels/companies he wants to be involved with and how he wishes to sell his music. I don't think it necessarily does him any favours from the point of view of getting the new album out there, but I can understand why he'd be discerning about it, and it's his choice.
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