Is Jackie about Brexit, Britain, or not?

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    Dec 19, 2017
    Roughly what the Anon above was saying - how there was a furore about the song which appeared to be glorifying shoplifting.
    '"But the song IS about shoplifting!" I wheeze out.'
    There followed (I think - it's described in an odd way) some sort of oblique statement about 'conscious borrowing' - ie the theft of ideas.
    So he's propping up the notion that it's actually about shoplifting, but even a cursory glance at the lyrics suggests there's a lot more to it.
    But you're right, the romance of crime is a recurring theme.
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    To reply to the original question, and I've not read the whole thread, I think the song is about a couple of things, I thought it might be aimed at Kristeen Young from the first few listens. But since, I've noticed on the video the dancer on the far right (shouldn't say Far Right on here I know!)..., the dancer on the right looks like Kristeen Young, and the stage or platform appears to be collapsing from under her feet as the song progresses, I also notice when Morrissey sings "since she lost you" the band seem to be pointing at him, which would mean she has lost Morrissey, whoever She maybe?, Anyway that's my take....
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    Oct 16, 2017
    I don't buy the Brexit thing either. I think he's wryer than that, even if I don't tend to agree with his personal politics anymore. That whole lyric is, to me, swimming in the imagery of 1960s television and I always link it (perhaps wrongly, but I do it all the same) with "Little Man, What Now?"
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    1. HER name was spelled George
    2. WE loved her too.
    3. I thought this excellent song was about Jackie Kennedy for many months, but you might be Found, rather than lost.

    Bank Krenk
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