Is it racist?

In the next few days, several videos of Hilaria's past TV appearances resurfaced showing her commitment to a Spanish accent, including one where she appeared to forget the English word for 'cucumber'. :popcorn:
A fake Spanish accent for 10 years because your parents decided to move to Spain (without you) when you were a 27 year old adult is pretty f***ing Hilaria-ous!!!

But those permanently tattooed-on eyebrows in a wrong color are a crime against humanity, girl!! :rofl:
Maybe she saw Vicky Christina Barcelona one too many times and got a little carried away. But MORE IMPORTANTLY thanks for reminding me of the time Lindsey Lohan turned Egyptian for a hot minute. In a tough year I needed to hear that.

Fake C will you be contributing to that cuck Prince Harry GoFund me?:straightface:
maybe one of your cheap 'antiques'? it may be racist not to:mad:
discussion humor? racism
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