Is FWD "Famous when dead" - who often seems to get the scoops first - an insider or just a regular fan?

Is FWD "Famous when dead" an insider or just a regular fan?

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I think he's mentioned knowing Boz and Lyn Boorer personally, but beyond that I have no idea. Boorer anyway seems like he's out of the Morrissey circle, I imagine for good after he made a post on Twitter bragging about his meat-eating habits in Portugal.
I get the sense he wouldn't like us speculating!
He’s an apt Morrissey pupil.
FWD is the best of Morrissey-Solo. I would not deign to designate them as a "regular" fan.

They are also not afraid to make critical comments about M, which suggests someone on the fringes at best. And we're all the better for it.
Funny @Famous when dead hasn't chimed in at all ;). I think he's an "insider of sorts" in that he seems to have some connections where he's told certain things ahead of time. A recent example is that he knew about the Morrissey RSD release months beforehand.
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