Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?

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@WeAreTheNewz: Aborigini tribes targetted for not getting C19 jab.

A plea to the world for help.

"We are asking the world to please come and help us, please pay attention to what is happening and expose this tyranny and genocide before we lose it all"

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New Covid Variant

At the test center, I was told that, "the more transmissible the virus, the less dangerous it is."

This virus variant is highly transmissible bc it mostly sits in the upper parts of the respiratory tracts, from where it can be sneezed and coughed out more easily, and consequently spread faster. The deeper the virus moves, the less transmissible it becomes, but the more dangerous it is for the infected organism.

Compared to the earlier variants, the new ones have learned in the course of the pandemic, that they cannot survive when they kill their host. Thus the new virus variant proves to be much more intelligent than mankind, but also less destructive.


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Eventually, the health minister announced yesterday that there is going to be an expiry date for vaccination attestations soon.

That's how easily your "freedom" can be taken away from you, dear vaccinated fellow citizens.


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After two vaxx breakthroughs among coworkers the previous week, one of them a 1,5-meter-close one, I felt pretty knackered for several days. Headaches, chills, sweating, and a very deeply entrenched tiredness that made me wanna crawl into a cozy coffin and take a thorough nap.

Just read that especially tiredness is an omnikron symptom. But maybe we are all chronically tired after 2,5 years of ineffective, incompetent and criminally corrupt Corona politicians and their media affiliates trying to eventually push us towards a vaccination mandate.

Still no alternatives to mrna on the market, no recommendations on how to strengthen your immune system, lies about the effectiveness of mrna vaccines, and the list goes on.

I had tested myself three times a day at home but again to no avail. Maybe the common self-tests from last year cannot detect the new variants any longer?

Anyways, the doctor quoted in the report about omnikron said that patients showed "unusual" symptoms that will rather not lead to hospitalization.
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