Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?



If you all want to go out and run around with no precautions, please do. If you catch it, it will increase the herd immunity and decrease my chances of getting it. I'm staying home, thanks for volunteering.


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That's interesting. Why were you in quarantine? Are you vulnerable? Are you still managing to maintain a reasonable weight?

Our country is in quarantine since March 20th. Only a few activities are excepted. I am in quarantine aproximately a week or so before that. Courts are not working so I remain in my home to take care of others not spreading the virus if it happens that I have it. Besides, I don't like to break the law (without a justifying purpose). It's the only reasonable thing to do to contribute.

Every human being is vulnerable, but I had H1NI in 2009 thanks to a friend who visited Panama and came back to chat and drink mate with me. I thought I was going to die, especially because initially I didn't stop working. I thought I was superwoman but in fact I was stupid. Since then I had flu every winter, except last winter. There's not such a thing as a full recovery in the short time. Maybe not in a lifetime.

Re my weight, I'm not buying my food in the usual way, I managed that two different producers send me vegetables to my home, so I'm eating mostly fresh and home made food and I keep a reserve of another kind of food for shortage times. Will there be a food shortage? Who knows. That's what some people say.


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theyre going to start opening htings up in mid-may! libraries, restaurants, shops, dentists, etc. yay!!!! although, on the other hand, now I don't have an excuse for looking like a grub and cutting my hair myself. shit.
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