Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?



Light Housework

What's the point of even learning from your mistakes at your age?
I'm just thinking, about your middle aged voice. Reciting poems and/or prose, etc. You sound much older than I. It's not attractive. Smarmy, if anything. What do you have to offer Neil?

Light Housework

I pity you rifke, and find you alarming. But that makes you proud doesn't it. Because your heroes, butchers like Richard Ramirez, are alarming.

Hovis Lesley

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‘Last month, The Telegraph reported that England is at risk of replacing the Covid crisis with a cancer crisis, with more than 300,000 people missing urgent checks “I met a woman for the podcast whose check-up was delayed due to Covid,” says Victoria. “By the time she got there, she had secondary breast cancer. That woman’s cancer is now not curable and she’ll never know if it’s because her check-up was delayed. It’s hard for my brain to go there because it’s so distressing.” Throughout the pandemic, there was the message that the NHS was still open “but that message wasn’t loud enough or emphatic [...] the knock-on effect of that is immense.”’

From Today’s Telegraph.
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