Is anyone here going to the Austin City Limits Festival this week?


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i have a few friends going but I can't make it, opting to visit family and friends in Houston and save on the outrageous food and drink fees at ACL. i'm seeing the Killers and Louis XIV in Houston sat night though.

if you go Saturday may I recommend Blue October's set they always put on a good live show if you haven't seen them before.

have fun and hydrate it may be a hot one. good thing it wasn't last weekend it was horrificly hot down here.


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Hi there,

First time in Austin and I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for the Blue October rec...I put them on my must-see list for the show. Are you familiar with Austin? If so, do you have any recommendations for things to do in the city?



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I'm going to ACL this week-end, and I just can't wait! Though I just learned hat the White stripes have cancelled their appearance. :(
I'm new to Austin too, so I don't have any recommendations, but maybe some of the lovely people here will be able to help.


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Yeah, I was really, really disappointed about The Whites Stripes canceling their shows....have you been to the fan forums on the ACL website? Everyone is speculating on who will be headlining...needless to say, those will be some pretty big shoes to fill...


all i ask of you...
well if you are going to ACL you won't have time to do much in town, easiest thing to do is follow the crowd to 6th street/Red River where the other live venues are for after parties.

for food I suggest Kerby Lane (thanks to Appleblonde for that recommendation) get the queso dip!!!!

Ask anyone in town everyone is real nice and they will guide you in the right direction. I'll look at the schedule tomorrow and send other band suggestions and a few bands are playing afterparties at the clubs on 6th and Red River.


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As Treygar said "Eat @ Kirby Lane" the food is excellent. There is lots to do on 6th street. At night time go to the Congress bridge and check out all the bats flying out from underneath. Please post back with info from the ACL, especially Bjork. I would love to go but the 8 nights in New York for Moz has left me busted for cash.


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Sorry for the late posting...I went to ACL fest on Sat. only. I chose Sat. because of the line up and 2 out my top 3 acts canceled. Very disappointing...but what can you do? I would have loved to have seen Bjork, Killers, Crowded House...but oh well. I heard Dylan on Sunday was not great, but not sure why.

Here is what I did see:

Paolo Nutini
Steve Earle
Andrew Bird
Artic Monkeys
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire was my favorite of the bunch, I was familiar with their music, but they had a big stage presence and it made all the difference. Really good. They had like nine people on stage and lots of cool instruments.

I am also a Paolo fan...he was light, fun, as expected.

Weather was good but very hot per usual. Goes with the territory.
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