Irish Blood, English Heart: Shelagh Delaney’s ‘A Taste of Honey’ at 60 - Irish Times (Moz mention)

Her play was among the most influential of the kitchen-sink realist dramas that brought working class realities and struggles to the stage in Post-War Britain.


Morrissey excerpt:

"In the 1980s, her work was championed by The Smiths frontman Steven Patrick Morrissey, himself a product of the Irish migration to northern English cities that so influenced Delaney’s work. Delaney would grace the cover of Smiths single Girlfriend in a Coma and the compilation Louder than Bombs, while some of the most evocative lyrics from Morrissey’s pen were lifted almost verbatim from A Taste of Honey, including “the dream has gone, but the baby is real” and “I dreamt about you last night, and I fell out of bed twice.” Delaney sits second perhaps only to Oscar Wilde as a clear influence over much of Morrissey’s output, in a lineage of influences he has always worn proudly."

The whole article is worth a read.
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