Irish Blood English Heart 7" clear vinyl


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I'm looking for this particular piece of memorabilia. Please contact me if you're interested in selling or trading. If you plan on selling, name your price and we'll negotiate a fair deal. If you plan on trading, I have a wide selection for you to choose from in the form of tour shirts, videos, dvds, vinyl, compact discs, cassettes, fanzines, magazines, tour programs, books, bootleg cd-rs, and miscellaneous items.
Apparently they're pretty rare.

I gave up a chance on ebay for on Buy It Now for $49 and instead bid on it.

It ended up selling for $119 or something like that.

I've only ever seen that one, though.

Rather annoyingly, I discovered a copy on the web, from a dealer who dealt mainly in Punk records. All he wanted was about £6 for it, but when he finally answered my e-mails (only means of contact), he had said that he had just sold it at a record fair somewhere in Europe. One was not assumed!

They are hard to find and therefore command serious prices on e-bay.
I bought mine for €4 back when it was released, found it by pure accident whilst being bored when some friends were looking for reggae vinyl:D.
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