Irish Blood and FOTGTD 12" question

Does anyone know how limited these are?
and are they pressing all the Quary singles in 12" format?
The sleeve is very nice and it is 180 gram vinyl.. Very nice. I would like to see all the Quary singles as 12"
I am still unsure if they are limited.. No numberd sleeve...
Any info


the one he left behind
I think they're limited in that they won't be in print for too long.
But they're not numbered or anything like that, and it might be just the first two singles.
I'm actually not sure why the reissued them at all.

They sell on ebay for cheap...... for now.


Sleeve numbering is more of a gimmick than anything else. The "Suedehead" UK promo 12" is numbered, limited to 1,000 and still not worth very much.
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