Here it finally is, the zipfile with the introtape Mp3's. All songs included except Mary Hopkins version of "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" - but you get the original one from Sparks instead.

01. Stinky Toys: Boozy Creed
02. Brian Eno: Seven Deadly Sinns
03. The Sparks: Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
04. Ramones: Carbona Not Glue
05. Olivia Newton-John: Long Live Love
06. New York Dolls: Bad Detective
07. Tommy Körberg: Judy min vän
08. Ramones: Why Is It Always This Way
09. The Boyfriends: I Love You
10. Monique Melsen: Pomme, pomme, pomme
11. Giorgio Gaber: La Ballata Del Cerutti
12. The Smoking Popes: You’ll Never Walk Alone
13. Jobriath: What a Pretty

- Thanks a million to Johan de Witt for sending me the songs!

Quentin Jon o' Cares

Re: eternally grateful (despite soon i will b dead)

Many thanks, Mary Hopkin was married to Mr Visconti I believe.


Re: Thank you, Freya!

Thanks alot!! The Brian Eno song is really fantastic.
He got good taste the old Mozzer.

C.W. McCall

Re: I cant use Megaupload on a!

Yes you can. Use Firefox.
About approx. 10 sec. before the countdown ends, an advertisement appears right above the download-link. Just click on the X in the upper-right corner to delete that window, and there is your link.
Then CTRL-click, "save link as".
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