Introducing Morrissey


Don't Rake Up My Mistakes
notice the MP3 download has the track London but my older version didnt, is it on the VHS?


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Sourced from the soundboard.

London, along with Used to be a Sweet Boy and Shoplifters of the World (the latter two not included in the boot mp3s) were left off the VHS concert film

1. Billy Budd
2. Have-A-Go Merchant
3. Spring-Heeled Jim
4. You're the One for Me, Fatty
5. The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
6. Whatever Happens, I Love You
7. We'll Let You Know
8. Jack the Ripper
9. Why Don't You Find out for Yourself
10. The National Front Disco
11. Moon River
12. Hold on to Your Friends
13. Boxers
14. Now My Heart is Full
15. Speedway


notice the MP3 download has the track London but my older version didnt, is it on the VHS?
hmm london isnt on the setlist on either of the concerts which were filmed for introducing .as you know sheffield and blackpool were filmed
The first five tracks plus "The National Front Disco" seem to come from the Sheffield show, while the rest is from Blackpool. "Moonriver" and "Speedway" have footage from both concerts, though the audio seems to be from the Blackpool night.


if they ever release it on dvd they should add shoplifters.
alot of stage invaders, great song.there is short scene during the will never marrye invaders clip in the end where a stage invader who stands behind him catch him while he let himself fall to the ground which i find somehow symbolic: .:rolleyes: :the fan who catch him
another scene during the end of hold on to your friends where a fan gives him someboxer gloves and he himself reach for the fan`s hand instead of the fan clinging on to him
i read in an fanzine that morrissey didnt like how "used to be a sweet boy "sounded live so he soon dropped it from the setlist..andtht was surely the reason why it want on also not used on introducing
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