intro tape 2006


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Hi, have anyone a full list and songs from intro tape of this tour 2006?
I remember:
-Jobriath: what a pretty
-Frank Sinatra: that's life
-The Smoking Popes: you'll never walk alone
-The Boyfriends: i love you
-Ramones: why is it always this way
-Ramones: carbona not glue
-Olivia Newton John: long live love
-Monique Melsen: pomme pomme pomme
-New York Dolls: bad detective

Thank anyway


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In Istanbul the last three songs before Moz got on the stage were
3. Springwater - I'll Return
2. Smoking Popes - You'll Never Walk Alone
1. Jobriath - What a Pretty

Two other songs I recognized somewhere inbetween were
Petula Clark - I Who Have Nothing
Max Bygraves - Fings Ain't Wot They Used To Be

The Boyfriends' I Love You definitely did not play...
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