Interviewing Morrissey

I was going to post this somewhere on Friday 4th anyway since that's the 20th anniversary of what must surely be one of the most enjoyable and lively interviews Morrissey ever did. Dave Fanning RTE 2 radio dj is the host. Luckily, M-solo saved and transcribed this 2 parter here:

Here's a diamond moment from it -

DF: It’s the obvious thing that people have this phrase, a lot of British journalists have of “Being Morrissey”, where you can get a wry little sentence out that sort of dismisses any question that might have to go into too much detail or whatever…is that a defensive mechanism, or does it exist at all?

M: Well, I think it’s…I think it defines a certain type of sort of…supposedly willowy, but ummm….feisty character, I think. So it simply defines a type. I think…maybe not.

DF: Well, it’s not for you to have to worry about, I suppose..

M: It’s not for me to worry about, because…I am Morrissey.
Noting Morrissey's early passion for music magazines expressed in the interview with Dave Fanning above, while seeking a spot to place this item without being lassoed away into a side-aisle by an injudicious mod., I drop this feel-good interview with Ben Perkins, founder of newish punk music magazine, Alternative Strategies, which includes nostalgic references to, and pictures of related publications -
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