Interview with Famous When Dead


Pulp, Pulp, Pulp
I'd like to first of all salute you as the heart and soul of the forum. Always objective, measured, and community-minded with every post.

Also I am fairly sure your personal Morrissey encyclopedia dwarfs just about anyone else's.

So, while you have made it clear without making it clear that you do not get personally engaged in the goings-on here, I'd like to take this opportunity to flesh out the Mod's mod of Morrissey-Solo.

1. When did you first start listening?
2. How many shows have you been to?
3. Are you an avid collector of physicals? If so what are your most prized possessions?
4. How long have you been a moderator here? How did it start?
5. Are there any periods of Morrissey's career that you are not super keen on?
6. What is your favorite band line-up of the many iterations he's employed?
7. What are your opinions of Morrissey Central?
8. Including SER's uploads and unofficial releases like Hollywood Bowl, what do you think is the best video document of Morrissey in concert?
9. If there was one album that you could change the tracks on to include a different running order and/or b-sides, what would it be and how would it play out?
10. What are your favorites of the new songs that have yet to be officially released on albums?
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I can answer #4. :thumb:

Frankly I found it a huge surprise that he wasn't a moderator, and made the suggestion to David. Very glad I did. He's the bees knees.
Maybe you answer those questions pertaining to you and he will follow.

He gets shy and retreats to his kennel sometimes.
An AMA with Smiths- fanatic and proven Mastermind Peter Finan might be second best and no doubt fascinating.
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