Interview with Billy Duffy and Johnny Marr - Morrissey mentioned

With Moz content. Ta to @banjaxer on Twitter for the link.


Billy and Johnny Marr have been friends since they met whilst at school in Wythenshawe, Manchester in the 1970s and amazingly they became two of the most influential guitarists of the last 30 years. In an exclusive interview for we caught up with them both to grab an insight into their lasting friendship…

[excerpt removed by request of copyright holder]

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I respectfully disagree. The Death Cult EP, his first work with Astbury, is a tremendous piece of power pop/punk.


Thx for the the u-tube video Uncleskinny

me thinks you have very rare and hard to get EP

sound's OK, but with songs like ' sells sanctuary' and 'rain' Astbury's voice is mixed better, Duffy and band and Ian's voice is not
to loud, like the u-tube video

well everyone has his own taste, I respect yours, I would definately would like to have that EP, but ' love' is more mature

greetings from the Netherlands
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