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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
    Photographing Morrissey: Kevin Cummins on Capturing an Icon.

    All images: ©Kevin Cummins.


    "Manchester born photographer Kevin Cummins is responsible for some of the most defining images of musicians at work and play ever captured. Immortalising groups and artists such as Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers, David Bowie, Courtney Love and The Smiths, with his pictures allowing fans a unique window to the world of their idols.

    His fantastic new book Morrissey: Alone and Palely Loitering, chronicles a ten-year period first photographing The Smiths and after their split their enigmatic young frontman Morrissey, as he transitioned into a solo artist and all-round musical icon. The book features hundreds of previously unseen images, from the beautiful chaos of Moz’s live performances to deeply intimate portrait sessions. Throughout the book, Cummins gives fascinating takes on working and travelling with the Sage of Salford and insights into his photography.

    We recently sat down with Kevin to talk about how he first got into photography, the formation of that long-standing working relationship with Morrissey and what is his favourite shot of the singer."

    Links to:

    Probably deserving of its own thread as it's an interview with him rather than just book information.
    Quite a long, interesting interview.
    The book is certainly worth having.
    It goes well with my boxed postcards.


    As he frequents here: Kevin, another different set of boxed postcards would be great - thanks.
    Kudos for all your efforts over the years.

    Related item:
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    1. ACTON
      Sounds like it is a great book. It is on amazon for £20.14.

      @FWD: are you on the Hulmerist video queuing up for the concert? You're not Moz by any chance?
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    2. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      I once saw a gay porn movie starring a mister Cummins.

      Probably not the same guy though.
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    3. Anonymous
      He doesn’t claim it was 12k. He says 1200... still off by your estimate of 4k and videos suggest it’s far more than 1200...
    4. E Scott
      E Scott
      Nice interview and I've heard good things about his book.
    5. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      He said he thinks Morrissey was great to photograph because he was very self aware, but he's not sure if he is nowadays.
      I'd love for him to elaborate on that.
      Maybe it's in some part due to everybody and anybody being snap happy with a mobile phone Even with digital cameras numerous shots can be taken.
      Being photographed by a camera with film had more romance. You had the anticipation of the end result.
      Kevin Cummins book really captures that nostalgia - beautiful pictures.
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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The book is excellent - especially at that price. I'm toying with getting the digital version to see how it compares - I've not had a picture-heavy book like this digitally before.

      If I was Moz, I wouldn't have people calling me names in Spanish because I screen capped a quickly deleted FB post!
      Neither myself or my company that night: Chris A. (a mutual friend/seller/quality t-shirt maker to some here) have seen our younger selves in the footage.
      The late, great ADAM May PM'd me (after seeing some discussion re: Tim Broad's estate/uncut footage) and said:
      "As I was told by someone who'd know (at Sire) back in the day, there were eight (recording quality) beta video units for the show and two (Tim + 1) behind-the-scenes. The BTS footage is largely unremarkable and most lacks sound (on purpose). Sadly, I'm afraid this is the only way we'll see this remarkable moment in time filmed by a remarkable (and largely un-celebrated) man (er, Tim Broad, not Moz).

      Did I read correct (or have my overnight working hours warped my brain) that you were in it? Grab a still, if so. If not, well, I've been working on a zombie TV show all night. My mush is brained.


      For him to leak the full gig let alone anything else is just incredible.
      So footage probably exists of us, but I'm guessing we are on a cutting room floor somewhere or in a box in the loft of Tim's house.
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    7. E Scott
      E Scott
      I wonder if Morrissey will plug Cummins book on his central
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    8. AztecCamera
      Reckon fek mate just another foreigner trying to capitalize on Brittin's desperation for anything Air Steve related showing him with his stepping stone The Smiths in Brittin and the Brittin leg of the Kill Uncle tour. Just like the mporium uk, the highest selling merch website for a living pop star inn n nn n nn it. I reckon I am thinking of making a book of Air Steve playing basketball over the years with great action shots of him dunking. Reckon it will be TOP ACE fek.
    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I distinctly read the word thousand - I think sleep deprivation is getting to me. Comment nixed. The official line is capacity was 1700. I believe with seating/balcony it was around 2.5k. The place was rammed and the pressure to get in lead to overfilling. I'm still feeling between 3-4k based on my addled recollections.
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    10. Johnnie Ray
      Johnnie Ray
      I can't help but wonder if we would all be more tolerant of Morrissey's music and public statements if he still looked like he did in 1991-92...
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    11. Alexi
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    12. rifke
      lately it seems I love Morrissey more and more every day
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    13. gordyboy9
      wee boys saying to himself why is their a drunken man on the stairs.
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    14. gordyboy9
      good interview.sounds like a decent guy as well.
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    15. 669
      Good interview. I'll getting this book for sure. :)
    16. Alexi
      Got mine a couple of weeks ago, good old pre ordering at Waterstones, it came before the publishing date. Contains beautiful pictures and is an interesting read, a lovely addition to my little Morrissey library
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    17. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Aren't most of these pics already available ?
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    18. marred
      So Morrissey looking older because of, um... age is somehow an excuse for people's intolerance of his views? Huh? That thought would never have crossed my mind in a million years. That just doubles down on the dumbness.

      Have I misread your quote or something. I don't get it.
    19. firstodie
      I didn't read it as Johnny Ray having an opinion on the subject, but maybe just stating a fact that unpalatable views are tolerated more when you're young and good looking.
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