Interview: Morrissey: There's 'a Rage in the Blood' on New Album - Rolling Stone

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    Morrissey: There's 'a Rage in the Blood' on New Album - Rolling Stone
    Icon talks about “louder” new LP, wonders "Can young can people can ever be carefree again?"

    Note: This is a brief "interview" !


    "Tell me about the album title. What was the thinking behind it?

    My concern wanders to anyone feeling academically or spiritually low in high school... directionless or hopeless. Can young people ever be carefree again? It's a question."


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    1. Gaetano
      Very interesting comments about the title of the album. That wasn't the significance I expected lol. If only they asked more questions.....
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    2. DrStatham
      Hoping for a full piece on Moz in print from someone. Interesting interview, but very short...
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    3. Nikita
      Louder? Oh, noooooo
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    4. Anonymous
      Glad someone asked about the title. Doesn't connect to the themes of the album in quite the way I imagined but I can see a connection in songs like all the young people. Might also be why the cover features a young person and a political statement. Hope we get a few more interviews from someone somewhere
    5. SuedeMoz
      I guess the album title makes more sense now. So it's more like "Feeling Low in High School".
    6. Uncleskinny
      What did you think it was about? Cattle?
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    7. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      According to Morrissey we’re getting great music!
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    8. SuedeMoz
      Yes, you must be a mind reader. Bravo.
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    9. Anonymous
      i actually couldn't get to sleep for a while last night....that STDIB intro and the goofy words kept looping in my mind, like when you go to disney world and that Small World song loops and loops in ur head.
      its a jingle like hook that i dont like.
      nothing much left. it aint fun anymore.
      howzabout a greatest B-side hits tour?
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    10. Anonymous
    11. Jacky
      I'm still quite baffled by the amount of people who didn't 'get' the album title. I thought it quite obvious.

      I'll take that last biscuit, thank you.
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    12. DrStatham
      It is quite an obvious title, but because of how strange it was and how unconnected it seemed to the song titles, I was thinking there might be something I was missing...
    13. SuedeMoz
      It could have just as easily been a commentary on the failure of the education system itself rather than the despair and disillusionment of young people. Or it could have been nothing more than wordplay, e.g., "I love Karen, I love Sharon."
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    14. Uncleskinny
      Or it could be a confessional relating the disillusionment with being off one's face all the time. LOW in HIGH school.
    15. DrStatham
      Am I missing something? What's the word play there?
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    16. Anonymous
      4ck me ! He can't do a decent interview these days even though he's had the questions e-mailed to come up with the answers.
      From what I've heard so far the future release on November 17th is not looking/sounding very good.
      The quote recently stating Steven will not be silenced is laughable. Who is even trying to silence him ? Steve Barnett wasn't trying to silence him, he just pulled the plug out because WPINOYB was shit and Steve started acting the [email protected]@t.
      Can't wait to hear the rage in the blood coming through on the songs we've yet to get hold of, he must be saving the best tracks till last.

      #Steve Barnett should be given a knighthood

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    17. SuedeMoz
      I like that one.
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    18. AztecCamera
      Awesome Jeremy! Hit it outta the park! Slam Dunk! Way to answer those questions from Rolling Stone. I think you deserve the corner office with the view of the 405 at the El Segundo building, but remember Steve is selling the new release to foreigners now on this marketing tour (with no actual concert tour) and we already have strike 1 against us with the classic American term "High School" so mix it up a little. Throw in something about drinking tea, something anti-Trump, Uskip (whatever that is) or go with the go to classic "America is not the World". The foreigners gobble up that one faster than they gobble up Big Macs and buy New York Yankee caps online for $100.

      Kai O'Shanahan
      Marketing Lead II
      TMMG, ltd-Beverly Hills
    19. URBANUS
      Chelsea fans pretend that they are carefree and have it on flags and banners. As if a football fan can ever be carefree. It is easy to pretend to be carefree but no one can be truly carefree only the dead.

      I think he feels like me that the young people of today are caught up in the stress of always having to perform in life and online. Compared to them my generation was truly carefree but few if any know the true meaning of the word in todays society.
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