"Interview" - Morrissey Central (26 April, 2019): interview and Jimmy Fallon show forthcoming



An extensive interview with Morrissey will appear on this site within the next week.
Morrissey is presently in Canada where he plays two sold out shows at the Sony Centre in Toronto, from which he travels on to a sold out show in Montreal. At this stage, the missing Canadian concerts are being rescheduled. Morrissey will also appear on The Jimmy Fallon Show in New York.

Yes - the fact it's being published on Morrissey Central means he wants something in a completely controlled setting, so expect the interviewer to be either Lil' Sammy or Fiona Dodwell, with tongue firmly inserted in His Master's rectum. Sample question: "Morrissey - how do you manage to be so wonderful, original, witty and amazing at all times, and how do you feel knowing that you have just released the greatest album of your career, whilst performing sell-out shows that the Smiths could only dream of?"
Yes but what about the crap that has been put on said website, no quality control so you never know, it's his official site ffs, who is in charge of content?. He think's he is too good to watch modern classics or read mordern classics, he knows best then that shite gets posted on that site, Oscar Wilde he is certainly not, not now, and he is shiting all over his legacy. All the new music from new bands and old bands, Unkle, Amon Tobin, Plaid, Qotsa etc that there is to listen to with no big fanfare or dodgy controversial statment's, just music.He say'something there is no music new in sounds, message etc worth hearing yet he is the same old same old apart from the Rsd
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I must admit I always hated Bob Dylan. That overrated nasal singing jew just never made any sense at all and was full of himself and gave the worst interview ever when he landed in Sweden back in the 80's.

I long for his death.
Yeah I can't stand he's music persona but that's as far as I would go, you twat
Skinny parrots reciting Islamic nonsense in response to the news of a forthcoming Moz interview.:rock:

I wonder what aztec camera thinks of all this - california son nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnn nnnn
Oh heck - I'm dreading this.
Please, God, let there be no more endorsements of Annie Walters or Johnny Robertson, or any other idiotic/clumsy political statements. Please let it be all about music.
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