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I would never ever put labels on music genres, or try to pigeon-hole. Music means different things to different people. Assertions are never accurate. Subjective experience is not either, but more meaningful.

In short - labels mean nothing.

Labels are pragmatic and shouldn't be taken as absolute. That's when you run into trouble. If I asked someone who for a recommendation about classical music and they gave me a tsol record I might be annoyed and our conversation might be difficult and n T very fruitful. Could be really interesting to if they're ready to get abstract with it but I still probably wouldn't learn much about classical music. In short though even taken away from the actual playing and put into ideological social terms punk rock was a scene that in general was political pro gay pro racial equality and women's rights and for the most part the audience reflected this though there have been dark times here and there while metal for the most part is considered traditional and conservative in social terms and times it's forgiven way to many racists like Phil and axle etc. both have changed a lot in the years but in general this is still how each genre is thought of

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