Interesting Johnny Marr Interview from The Irish Times Today



That doesn't qualify as immoral to me, maybe unethical, but then, the ethics of rock and roll might be hard to codify.

If something is against your personal code of morals then it is immoral to you. Don't see anything wrong with what Johnny said.

The term is "personal code of ethics". If he had said ethical I would have understood his statement. It's great that The Smiths don't want to tarnish their image by reforming in an obvious grab for money, even though I don't think the fans would mind. I also don't think it is their concern about preserving the image that keeps them form reforming. I think it's a deep bitterness brought on by lawsuits but even more so by unresolved personal issues within the group.

Maybe, as was suggested the other day, the band will reform in some way to remind everyone of their recorded legacy.

If you agree with him, I'm not trying to change your mind, but I don't and that's my opinion. It's not something I thought about that much, I just laughed when I read it.

Well that's to you. Johnny obviously has other things he considers immoral.

Right, and that's why I stated that it was only my opinion.
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