Interesting James album and tour

An interview with Tim Booth and James, with a passing Morrissey mention

It seems like a new trend. It's hard not to notice that a lot of the old-timers seemed to have found a new formula - going gospel or doing something orchestral.. Countless bands that became relevant within the last 40 yrs always end up performing with some symphonic ensemble these days, as if to elevate their status in the music-world lol In 90s it seemed trendy to do acoustic versions, or the cover albums were also a thing. One of my faves were always Peel Sessions, well now it's orchestral versions. When Memento Mori came out i told someone i know that they will do that with some British orchestra soon, didn't have to wait long. Orchestral renditions are sometimes really beautiful but I always feel like it's more fun to watch then listen to it. I guess in the digital days when they are back in doing live gigs it might be a good idea to do with with a symphony, might be fun to watch (for some)
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