Information regarding reports of 'retirement' -

Re: "I am still right here, where I always was"

Well thank the lord for that!


You give the argument that people 'bashing' Morrissey over the acceptance of a lesser apology is an example of this negative bias.
I definitely intended my criticism of his acceptance of the lesser apology in a negative way.

God Save The Queen.
I am officially announcing my retirement as well.

Urban the swede
There is some seriously funny shit in this thread

like that hilarious "Boz on a cross" photo. Or Davidt and UncleSkins handing that anonymous guy who couldn't figure out where he was his ass in an easter basket. I laughed. I laughed hard. I need to stop venturing away from So-low for days at a time because I'd have enjoyed slaying that twat as well

so the gist of David's ban from Morrissey shows is becuase Morrissey doesn't like this site's freedom of speech? That's pretty lame, even for a guy who can't do a whole hell of a lot of wrong in my eyes. Simon needs to give David his own entry in the Mozipedia reprint

how exactly does that kind of ban work anyway? Do they have your picture up mugshot style at each and every Morrissey show?

can't you just disguise yourself or get a fake ID exclusively for Morrissey shows or something?
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