Information regarding reports of 'retirement' -


Re: "I am still right here, where I always was"

Anyone who read the original "interview" could see he didn't even mention retirement. The Press are getting more stupid by the day.
So glad to hear this, the media are nuts, they spin everything.

I just saw MOZ in San Diego and Bakersfield and it/he was amazing. He gets "better and better" with age, like a fine wine~
Believe the media in the U.K. ,or the big-brother b. s. in the country once known as the U.S.A. & you may have been eating red-meat, GMO foods, aspartame and floride. How's the nwo workin out for ya???
They had no truth in reporting that. The Juice interview said nothing of the sort. Journalist who lie.....
Honestly, when I was reading the news about 'retirement' some part of my heart believed that it all was rumours.
So now I'm completely happy. :D
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My head is going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats just amazing!!!!!!!!

Kristeen anymore scoops you can tell us?
Russell Brand has become the hero of the day for standing up for the common man and woman world wide. Please listen to what Russell Brand had to say last night on American T. V. Yes Moz, we love you too, no-vote for bad people on the rise.

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