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  1. I wanted to speak out. I'm a friend of Pillow. Pillow has an eating disorder. More specifically, she binges and purges on food (bulimia nervosa).

    If you look closely at her photograph in the profile section of this web site, you can see that she is emaciated. Pillow is obsessed with body aesthetics. She’s convinced that being rail-thin = beautiful.
    It would be much easier to be friends with her if her drive to be skinny were not an all-encompassing obsession. Her eating disorder frequently compromises her health, impacts her friendships and often cripples her ability to function.

    It’s sad because she has so many redeeming qualities. I find her gloomy humor funny, and she has a wonderful sense of compassion (especially for animals). Pillow is beautiful on the inside – and she needs to know that this is what really counts….that this is what makes her “beautiful”.

    I’m hoping that “outing” her on this message board will encourage her to seek help.


    Anonymous (and concerned) friend
  2. Another jilted loser. Beautiful on the inside? It's the money that counts you fuckhead! How much $$$ ya got is how attractive you are. Someone needs to kick this hinghang in the tongas!
  3. disgusting pillock.its you with the disorder.

    so everyones either too fat or too thin.

    get some sense into your swollen monkey head you body fascist.
  4. Re: disgusting pillock.its you with the disorder.

    Anonymous_Friend : FUCK YOU!

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