Independent / James Moore: "Morrissey on tour is the last thing Britain needs right now" (July 23, 2022)

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion an all that... but you'd have hoped a chief business commentator had a much longer list of things Britain does not need right now before he go to Morrissey.

James Moore is The Independent’s chief business commentator and a columnist for Independent Voices. He writes daily for the title’s business section on business, finance and economics. His regular Voices columns, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays, cover a wide range of issues including politics, the rights of disabled people and his own disability, education and health.

What's his disability? Being a middle-class retard?
It’s one thing to disagree with Moz’s views on political issues, but to compare him with someone like Ryan Adams, who actually did harm to others, is asinine!
Such twaddle.

England is in the midst of a terrible economic crisis where people can’t afford to pay to heat their homes, put petrol in their cars to get to work, and more food banks than ever are necessary to keep even people in full time employment fed, but Morrissey daring to sing some songs to paying fans who want to hear them is the problem?

Whoever wrote this article needs to gain some perspective. Take a look at all the political upheavals, wars & famines & dictators & mass shootings & a million other awful things which are making life into such a struggle for the vast majority of people & stop desperately trying to pin the blame on a pop singer who….committed which crime exactly? Asking people to at least read the policies of a party who were for tighter border controls & treating animals better?

The immigration numbers in the U.K have been out of control for years. The home office stated this themselves back in 2012, saying that they needed to be significantly reduced. 10 years later they haven’t been reduced at all. All they did was start charging people huge fees for visa applications & turned the whole situation into a more lucrative business.

But when Morrissey, or anybody else, suggests that it might be to the detriment of our country, they are branded an evil racist.

Japan, for example, have very strict & controlled measures in place regarding immigration but nobody calls them a bunch of racists.

Morrissey is an easy target because he has always refused to explain himself or cower & apologise: something which is increasingly rare in this day & age.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see him live later this year. Long may Morrissey keep on keeping on whilst all the spiteful bores cry into their wet flannels.

I completely agree with you. There are much larger problems facing the UK and the world at large. A alt-pop star going on tour is hardly where we should be honing our concern. Thank you, Uncle Diddles, for your astute insight. How is your niece doing?
why do they always have to bring up saint marr,must be after an interview,then again johnboy would go to the opening of a fridge door these days,those bright lights.
Moz's ticket prices are comparable with other artists of his stature. Not such a waste of money as the 'lockdown' the writer refers to. 24 Trillion spent on a couple of sniffles and a sore throat.
Why does the mere mention of Johnny Marr's name get the usually right wing suspects in such a tizzy? Never mind what anyone says, just go and enjoy the concerts with like minded people.
Some comments on here seem to be from people who can't see past their idol-worship. Some others are knowingly misrepresenting the blog to unfairly and incorrectly suggest the author is saying that Morrissey touring is worse than everything that is wrong with the state of the UK at the moment.
I get it, I love the Smiths music, and some of Morrissey's solo stuff, but you have to look beyond that.
The blogger makes the very good point that it's difficult to separate the art from the artist. That's the problem I have. My views of the world are more in line with those Morrissey seemed to have back in his Smiths days, and his subsequent coming out as a misinformed bigot really turns my stomach. I get that some of you may share his views, and to you I'm no doubt a 'woke virtue signaller' so my opinion can be discounted. You're entitled to think that but, just as I do with your opinions I'd hope you'd at lest take the time to think about mine and at least consider them. Despite what Morrissey would have you think, we're all equal, every life is as valuable as any other. The 'immigration problem' he and others like to push is all part of the entitled establishment's need to scapegoat the poor and downtrodden and desperate (many of whom they have made that way, by invading other countries purely for economic gain) so that the poor and desperate and downtrodden natives of the UK blame the immigrants (and the disabled, and the unemployed) for their own situation, rather than the real culprits - the increasingly rich establishment. The UK is a rich country, we have enough money, even to support increased immigration. We have enough money to sort out all the problems we currently have, but those in power have made choices about who's deserving and who isn't. The more you ignore that, the richer they get.
I get the defensiveness, I get the loyalty to someone who (even though you don't and couldn't ever possibly really know) feels very important to you but, Jesus Christ - get some perspective, get some humanity and don't follow this disappointing pied piper in the direction the rich and powerful right wingers want you to go in.
Enjoy his music (I'm genuinely jealous that you still can) but don't blindly claim victimhood for someone who's now spent decades inciting hate towards others.
Why does the mere mention of Johnny Marr's name get the usually right wing suspects in such a tizzy? Never mind what anyone says, just go and enjoy the concerts with like minded people.
Because the well-loved Marr’s legendary stature and sterling reputation represents what Morrissey could have had. Instead, Moz is a pariah.
James Moore's article is poorly written and, overall, pointless. He comes across as a bitter queen with nothing to do but complain. He even slightly jabs Johnny Marr at the end of the article. I'm shocked he didn't add Paul Weller, Pet Shop Boys, and New Order to his hateful list.
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